The Sara Connolly Mystery Series

Sara Gets A Makeover

Recently I edited and did some rewriting to the entire series of nine books in the Sara Connolly Mystery Series. The action is more exciting and the descriptions of the characters are more vivId. I even updated three of the covers. The old ones felt old and tired.

If you have not read the Sara Series, I think you’re in for a treat. If you have read them I think that you’ll enjoy reading the newer versions. I even enjoyed reading them again and I’m the author.

Each book is a stand alone book so it is not necessary to read them in any order, although why not. I think you’ll love Sara as much as I do as you accompany her on her thrilling adventures.

I do want to make something clear about what is called her special gifts as described in her books. Everything she does along those lines are things that I am or many of my friends are doing on a daily basis. Those parts of the story are not fictional. I’m guessing that many of you, too, have these special gifts as well, but are afraid to admit it.

My advice to you all is to own who you are and what you can do. You’re in good company.

Another thing I love about Sara is her sense of humor. When I start getting too serious in my day to day life, I pick up one of these books and get a dose of Sara. She has a way of making me look at my world with a whole new perspective.

Go to my Amazon page, Books by Claudette Cleveland on and take a look at the newly updated series. Introduce some friends to my good friend Sara Connolly and her many friends. They’ll thank you for it.

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The Pool Boy

Is He Only The Pool Boy


Who better to know what goes on in a neighborhood than The Pool Boy who is there every week. He’s totally aware of what’s going on while he mindlessly pushes a pool vacuum across the floor of the pool … and sees and listens and remembers.

He hears every word being said by the gathered bikini clad women lounging at the water’s edge while sipping mai tais. They laugh as they gossip about who in the neighborhood is having an affair with whom.

At other times he may hear the neighborhood men bragging about how effective the new female enhancement drugs are. They could be deciding what females to take on the so called weekend fishing trip at a remote mountain lake.

Whatever the poser (The Pool Boy) hears, it could be valuable information to his real boss, an area lawyer whose client’s husband is discussing her demise with the neighborhood guys, who are more than happy to help their buddy end an eleven year marriage without his paying big bucks.

cover-printAs you sit by your pool remember that the pool boy may be more than merely someone who silently vacuums the dirt off the bottom of the pool. You might want to wait to talk about that secret business deal until later. Or ladies, it may not be a wise move to tell your girlfriends about the affair you’re having with the yoga teacher while the pool boy is around.

The Pool Boy is a fun thriller that’s even better read in a swimsuit sitting at the edge of a pool whether it’s a backyard one or one at a resort. It’s even more exciting if the pool boy is nearby cleaning.

I am always excited to hear from you after you’ve read one of my book and grateful when you write a brief review on Amazon. Thank all of you who especially loved the last book called The Hotties. I’m happy it brought a smile or two as well as a ‘Really, I didn’t know that’.

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Gangsters of Old & a Legendary Hero

The Hotties

Was it destiny that four young, attractive women worked at a bank that the FDIC entered one Friday afternoon and without warning arrested its officers and froze all it assets?

Finding themselves suddenly unemployed, the four took it as a sign that they needed to change and do something totally different from working at a bank. After a little internet research, they decided to start their own cleaning business with dancing mops and brooms for a logo and sexy attire for their uniforms, thus the Hotties Corporation was born.

Needing a property for their fast growing enterprise, the hotties, as they called themselves decided to buy a condemned house that was a good price. The old house contained many surprises including being a body dump for the Chicago mob. While getting ready for demolition some old documents were found that if released could change history as we know it.

My book, The Hotties is a fast moving thriller that just may shake your belief system coverabout the gangsters of old, as well as some legendary heroes. It was a fun book to write and the research I did for it left me with my mouth hanging open. I asked myself at the end. Were the history books that far off.

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Together Again

So Familiar

Someone looks familiar, but you’ve never met them. Could it be what is called déjà vu? Clarise was receiving déjà vu movies in her dreams. Some of them were so lucid and vivid that they woke her up in the middle of the night. As she lay on sheets dampened with her own perspiration, the dreams played in her head.

She thought of them as just nightmares until she took a job in England designing the restoration of a 16th century castle. There she encountered the characters in her dream, who were still trying to do her harm.

Was it time to end the centuries of endless karmic returns? She thought so, but in doing so would her current life end as tragically as the many past ones.

coverIn my new book Together Again I bring to life the possibility of us experiencing another time with a person. Actually, I have yet to meet anyone who hasn’t. It’s that feeling that you’ve already know a person and has been there and done that.

I have discovered through my vast travels that most people in other parts of the world believe in karmic return and past lives, so take these déjà vu moments as normal occurrence.

You will enjoy Together Again and Clarise’s adventures in exploring her own beliefs and through what is happening in her life at the moments. It’s a fun read that is thought provoking, full of action and who doesn’t like Henry the Eighth and his daughter Elizabeth the First.



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The Adonis Project

Another Team Project Thriller

Just in time for the Greek gods and the son of Aphrodite, Eros, (later called Cupid in Rome) to make his presence. Adonis, an ancient Greek considered to be the most beautiful man who walked the earth was Aphrodite’s favorite lover. He was killed, but his lover brought him back to life with her love and lust.

Wow. A word of advice to all you guys out there before you try something like this, Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus, the king of the Greek gods and all this is ancient Greek mythology, although a rebirth ritual is still practiced today.

However, myth or not, we still call extremely handsome men, who are great lovers, Adonis. And who says love and lust can’t bring an Adonis back to life.

coverAbout the newly published book, The Adonis Project: The course of study of a unique private school in a remote area is centered around the rituals and teachings of the ancientGreeks. The mythology about the gods and goddesses have become an important part of the prep school’s curriculum, which like the Greek gods emphasizes creativity and physical fitness.

Nothing is illegal until a corrupt faction of the administration takes advantage of the time-honored rituals.

The Adonis Project is another action filled mystery and thriller in the Team Project Series. Enjoy the suspense and often humorous happenings as the Team solves yet another crime and captures the felonious culprits.

Join the Team and discover how they pay it forward when they help young people in order to prevent them from becoming victims.

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The Soldier

A Story of a Vietnam Soldier

This is my first published non-fiction book and I call it The Soldier. It could be about any soldier who was sent to war, but this man is a Vietnam war veteran.

The Soldier is a tender and warm story of a young man, some would say a mere kid, who was sent into the service and then to an unpopular war that was half a world away. He was sent from a close and happy family in an ideal climate to a swamp that was infested with snakes, leeches and bugs of all kinds. That soldier is Vincent Dennis Polisano, who was nicknamed ‘Polly’ by an army sergeant at his first roll call.

coverThe story spans this soldier’s life from his beginning to now. It gives us all food for thought as to how the traumatic experiences as a soldier can influence a person’s life. It shows how the service took a young teenager with sparkling eyes of hope and two years later gave us back a young man whose eyes had dulled from the horrors he had seen.

Even though this story features Dennis, the soldier could be any man or woman who has been in the service. Basic training alone is more than most of us could endure.

The beautiful part of the story is the strength that these heroes demonstrated during and after their time as a soldier. They came away from the experience with maturity and tolerance that was way beyond their years.

We write this book with the hope of informing other soldiers that there is help and support available. We also, hope that it will show that all of us as humans must find an alternate to constant war.

The Soldier is now available from Amazon in ebook and paperback print format.

coverAnother newly published novel by Claudette which is also in both formats is The Seventh Wave. After reading it, you will never stand on a shore near the sea or the ocean without counting the waves.


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The Seventh Wave

Earlier this year, I took a vacation at a resort in Mexico with a friend. While she was walking the beach collecting rocks and shells, I stood at the water’s edge and counted the waves. Someone had once told me that the seventh wave was always the biggest and most ferocious. It sometimes could knock you off your feet.

My friend came up to me and asked what it was that I was doing? I told her that I was counting waves and had her do it with me. With each one after the one that cracked, the waves got bigger and stronger.

In many cultures, the seventh wave is symbolic. It often denotes the ending of something, so something new may begin. It could also mean the cleansing of the soul as the wave’s force and undertow has a tendency to knock down anything in its path and pull it out to sea where the saltwater of the sea can cleanse it.

coverRight before the seventh wave makes its presence, there is a hesitation and then a crack as the large wave breaks. When the we were counting came, we both jumped back. Then she calmly said, that sounds like the title of a book, The Seventh Wave.

The next morning while she was on an adventure in the jungle, I was on the balcony, drinking coffee and starting to write the The Seventh Wave on scrap paper since it was all I had. (I left everything I normally use to write with at home and was only there for fun and sun.)

The seventh wave is a metaphor for many areas of life.  You’ll enjoy the adventures of Cassandra as she travels from the coast of California to a Greek Island in the Aegean to a Mexican resort in Puerto Vallarta and then to an island in the Caribbean.

Next time you’re at the shore, Count the Waves. You, too, may feel the magic.

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