I’m a Peach


As the holidays near we feel our frustration levels rising. The following is a true story a client related to me. I found it profound in proving that help is always there if we listen and believe. Of course I have changed the names, but the story is her’s.

I’m AJ, short for Annie Jo, but who calls themselves Annie Jo unless you’re in residence in the Mississippi Delta. I sat at a café table in the food court of a Chicago mall, sipping a latte. I was supposed to be shopping but decided a cup of coffee and an escape to the depths of my mind was a just reward for two days of cooking and eight hours of verbal abuse from my family. After all of that, today is truly a black Friday.

Sitting at a table next to me was a woman about my age peeling an orange. I was fascinated by her meticulous action. Piece by piece she tore away small bits of the rind, laying them on a napkin with care. When all the rind was removed, she slowly broke apart the meaty sections one by one, placing them in a row across the bottom of the napkin. She then did something I found very peculiar. She just sat there staring at them as tears slowly rolled down her checks.

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Eat Your Cake

As a spiritual adviser I have been bombarded with questions about the Mayan calendar, about the end of the world and about the economy to name a few. When this happens I sometimes feel like a flower child of the sixties asking myself ‘Did I not live through this once’. When meditating I was given the following guidance. Did I get this guidance recently? No. I received in the sixties for you see I was one of those flower children. I put the advice into action and have had a rich and full life ever since. I share this guidance with you so you too may have the same.

A time of great potential strength and change for humans is available as the universe aligns and adjusts itself. Abundance on all levels is becoming readily obtainable, as part of that universe, to those of you who align and adjust with it.

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The Transition


One of the biggest fears mankind has is what happens when I die? Where do I go? Religious leaders have used these questions to control people through history. Many legends and myths are based on different cultures’ answers to this feared mystery.

The following is a true story told to me. I hope it will help many of you who have lost a loved one to find peace and love after their transition.

The drapes were pulled, the door closed. Just enough light seeped under the door for me to see my father, now a shadow of himself, lying still in the hospital bed. He had been like this since his massive stroke four days ago. The doctors told me there was no hope for recovery. According to all the tests, he was paralyzed and brain dead.

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A Miracle: Claim Your “Supernatural Power”

Dictionary definition of a miracle: an effect in the physical world which surpasses all known human or natural powers and is therefore ascribed to a supernatural agency.

What would you say if I told you that everyone can do “miracles.” Many of you know this already and are performing what is defined as miracles daily, but the majority of people in the world think that this is humanly impossible. (Other than getting good parking spaces!)

I want to share a recent experience with a friend of mine. My friend recently changed jobs and moved across country leaving behind a condo that needed to be rented or sold. It had sat there for months with little or no interest, the property manager giving the excuse that the economy was bad and nothing was moving. My friend in the mean time while paying two mortgages, letting fear take over.

Over the holidays while visiting me I suggested that we do some energy work, both on her and on the condo. While I was remote viewing her condo, I noticed that one room was dark with negative energy. I proceeded to clear it with a white tornado of high vibration. She later told me that her cat had died in that room only weeks before she moved.

We did some “miracle” energy work on her and the condo. Twenty-four hours later the condo was rented and the check was in her bank.

There are many “miracle” stories out there and we need to share them with the world, so let’s hear them. Comment below and share. Remember, like promotes like, so help me help you to raise the vibration of the world. Be a human ambassador for what Tashi and the tall white beings in my book call “The Spirit of Lemuria.”