The Magic Book

Magic BookDuring the civil war Abraham Lincoln declared that the fourth Thursday of November to be a national holiday on which to give thanks. However, in 1621 a group of 53 pilgrims and 90 American Indians gathered in order to give thanks, which was a normal religious ritual in their original homeland. They would gather for prayer, thanking God for a battle won or favorable weather for their crops. When in 1621 when they survived a year in a strange land and among strange people, they gathered in prayer to thank God for their survival.

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Encounter with the Tall White Beings: Part Four

new pool backyd 3 One of the skills of the human ambassadors for the Tall White Beings from the Hidden City is that they are adept at hearing people’s thoughts . . . often referred to as mind reading. I am told that it’s a skill humans have that has been suppressed. In my books, the Beneath and Beyond series, we find Althea and Tashi using it in all sorts of situations. Whether or not a person feels that this “mind reading” is an invasion of privacy is an ethical call by the individual. My experience is that people who fear it have something to hide and aren’t ethical to begin with. If you can, imagine how different the world would be if people were most careful about what thoughts they allowed as they are about what they actually verbalized.

In all three “Beneath and Beyond” books, The Hidden City, The Thunderbirds and El Diablo, I show the ambassadors using their telepathic skills to help people. Now I will relate to you as an example where I have personally used my ability to connect with someone mind to mind. I have already told you about what help it was for me when ordering at a foreign restaurant where the waiters spoke no English. The following story is closer to home and extremely personal.

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Encounter with the Tall White Beings: Part Three

Claudette's Books

Claudette’s Books

The Tall White Beings have been with me for years now and I have told their story through my books. The fourth book is to be published soon. They have taught me so much that three books is a mere tip of the iceberg of the universal knowledge they have shared with me. Although I am a human with relatively slow learner human abilities, they have shown me that the more open I am, the more that is available to me. They have also proven to me that the more I share, the more the new knowledge and abilities will come to me.

Since meeting them, I have witnessed one ‘miracle’ after another. Many of these ‘miracles’ I have had my characters in my books perform. All of which are actual experiences I have either done or seen others do. None are fantasy, as the book publishers want to label the genre that this sort of writing should fall under.

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Encounter with the Tall White Beings: Part Two

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

It was June in Peru, South America but at 8000 feet after the sun went down it was cold. That night half of our group was staying at the Inn up on the mountain, called Machu Picchu by the ruins. We were staying in the town of Aquas Calientes located on the Urubamba River, which is located directly below Machu Picchu.

We were in a quaint rustic cabin built around a large boulder, which was sitting in the middle of the room. The back wall of the room was the granite side of the mountain that it nestled up to. It was isolated and really quite romantic.

In this remote part of Peru electricity is a premium so after 10 o’clock at night all of it is turned off. No heat. That is why everyone goes to bed at ten. Bill and I read some until the bed warmed and then fell fast asleep after a strenuous day of climbing ruins at a very high altitude.

It was 3 o’clock in the morning when I awoke with a start, feeling a presence in the room. Before I could reach for a flashlight on the nightstand, the whole room lit up with a blue white glow. There standing next to my side of the bed was a tall white being who was at least 8 feet. He was almost translucent like a cloud. He did have some form similar to a human clothed in a flowing white nightgown.

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Encounter with the Tall White Beings: Part One

claudette at lake titicaca

Claudette at 14,000 feet with freezing temperatures

“Sure there’s a hidden city below this lake they call Lake Titicaca? How do they know? Has anyone ever dived down to see? And another thing, how exactly do they know where it is located? This lake spans two countries.” These were all questions that I put to my friend who was with me on the putt-putt boat we were on, heading to some mysterious coordinate on the lake.

Bill just grinned at me and said, “Astral travel down and see.”

Surprised by his calm reaction, I decided to do just that. I had gotten quite good at such travel over the years so doing so took very little preparation or effort. Before I knew it there I was in a city like no city I had ever seen, at least not in this lifetime. A being spoke to me and seemed not surprised to see me. I asked the being questions. “Why is this city here and where did its inhabitants come from? How will our boat people know when we are over this city? Finally, I wanted to know if I could visit this city in my human body?”

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Her Eyes, the Window to Her Soul

tibetan lady

High in the Himalayas in a little village in Southern Tibet, our small bus pulled into a station for fuel. Our group of fifteen road worn seekers piled off the bus in search of cold drinks and bathroom facilities. An outhouse with ventilation was a real treat.

As had been the case at most of our stops, Tibetan children, tanned by the intense mountain sun, immediately surrounded us. Their tiny hands were outstretched begging for gifts and money.

Most of us had our cameras on us. Mine had become a permanent appendage. Everywhere we looked there was a beauty in one for or another. After standing there a few minutes, breathing in the magnificence of the surrounding snow capped Himalayas; I felt a strong, but gentle energy directly behind me. When I turned, the eyes of a tiny Tibetan woman met mine. For a moment I fully understood what it meant to be “One” with someone. As I took her picture, a broad smile formed on her face, telling me that we both understood who each other really was.

Even though her clothes were stained and worn I, not once, felt sorry for her. If anything, I envied her for she truly knew who she was. Our messengers come in all shapes and sizes and often when we least expect them. The following poem tells the lesson I learned.

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Not All Have Halos

Most of us want to believe that we have invisible guidance and even intervention to help us get through the many perils of life. As children, we often play with imaginary friends as well as depend on a relative, Mom, Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa, to catch us when we stumble or tell us what to do so that we are safe and secure. As adults we continue to seek that guidance which may account for the popularity of the belief in guardian angels. Occasionally, we even adopt a deceased relative who protected us as a child as our guardian angel.

The movies and television has certainly supported this desire and belief. The popularity of classic old movies like The Bishop’s Wife or It’s a Wonderful Life verifies our desire to believe in super natural assistance or guardian angels. The fact that Touched By An Angel is a popular television show, demonstrates our desire to believe that we all have a guardian angel especially active when life gets turbulent. But do all our guardian angels have wings and halos. The answer to this question came when as a therapist and spiritual counselor, I was working with a twenty-one year old client named, Rebecca.

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