The Window Washer

He Brings Sparkle to the Office

How many of you have watched a window washer while he hung on the side a building twenty stories or more in the air as he slides from one large window to another. Like the most graceful of trapeze artists, he swings from window to window using his soapy water and squeegee to bring sparkle and light to fluorescent lit offices.

As you watch them, they are watching you as you sit in meetings or even have a clandestine affair with your secretary. My book The Window Washer is about my character using his ability to hang in the air and spy on the bad guys.

coverIt’s full of action, understanding relationships, humor and good old ‘who done’.” 

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The Pen Pal

Dear Friend

Many of us, probably when we were twelve to fourteen-years-old have had a pen pal who was often far from our home. Maybe we met someone our age on vacation or visiting a relative, and we clicked with them. At those insecure early teen ages we wanted someone to talk to who would “understand” our problems. Since they were miles away, it was safe to bare our soul.

coverThat’s what happened to the character in the book The Pen Pal. Clarice meets a boy her age while staying a month at a summer camp. He becomes her protector and confidant, while helping her get through the sorrow of losing her mother, who had been recently killed.

Having a stepmother who wanted no part of her except for her trust fund was another obstacle to overcome. Her pen pal understood her and his advice helped her to remain sane.

When you throw in the mob and many forms of illicit activity in her hometown and of course, a body guard who could be a model for GQ, you have a story that keeps you turning pages into the night, as well as laughing a lot.

Join Clarice in her journey growing from being a lonely girl in that summer camp to a self-assured, street smart young woman of twenty-one. All with the help of her Pen Pal.

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The Trans-Humanoid Project

The Best of the

Team Project Series

Aren’t most of us old enough to remember and were fascinated with the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman. I so wanted her bionics. So much has happened in the world in technology that it is impossible to keep up.

Team Project is in action again in this new and final book in the Team Project series called The Trans-Humanoids. In my opinion as the author, I think that it’s the best coverone. It is a psychological thriller, a murder mystery, a story of love on all levels and a story of friendship and hope.

Is our government actually buying spies who are trans-humanoids.  The Team is at work again, paying it forward when they help families whose mothers, daughters and wives mysteriously come home completely changed after spending a month at an exclusive health spa in Arizona.

Enjoy the twists and turns of this action packed adventure with Team Project. It will have you holding your breath and sighing deeply as you eagerly turn the pages. Also, I dare anyone to read the last two chapters without having happy tears making furrows down their cheeks.

If you haven’t read the other Team Project books Give them a read as well. Each is a stand-alone book, but are fun to read book one through five, too.

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Team Project Series

cover               cover .            cover .            cover                                                                                                                     

The Indentured Servant Project

Team Project Series

When I asked people if they knew about Indentured Servants, more than half said they did not. Maybe they were absent from school the day they taught that. There again maybe their school didn’t teach history. I was shocked when I found out that many don’t teach American history today.

Anyway when I found out that ‘indentured servants’ are still being sold in this country, I had to write the story. Thus, my newest Team Project Series book called The Indentured Servant Project is now available. Many of the events in the book were based on real life accounts (unfortunately).

coverEven though indentured servitude was declared illegal in 1917, the whole indentured servant practice is alive and very active today. This book uses what’s going on with the help of the Irish Catholic churches where young Irish girls are still being sold. Today we call it human trafficking.

As with all the Team Project books, it is full of mystery, intrigue, romantic moments, lots of humor and tender tear jerking occasions as well as filled with well researched facts. The team again takes on a project that enables them to in their usual enthusiastic manner. Join us in this fast action filled adventure.

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The Clock Watcher

Are You a Clock Watcher

What makes humans become clock watchers? After some investigating, we found that it is fear. Fear of the present and what’s happening NOW. We watch the second hand tick, tick, tick in hopes that after a certain amount of ticks that there will be something better and the fear that we harbor within us will be put on a shelf in our mind until the next time that a fear invades. Then we will watch the clock again.

Maybe it was the old adage that time heals everything that caused us to become clock watchers. The main character of the book, The Clock Watcher, James Scott learned at an early age that watching the school room clock tick, tick, tick helped him to forget his fear of writing. Having an over-abundance of fears, he used his clock watching skills to make life bearable.

With the help of his sister, Liz, he learns that fears don’t go away with the ticks of a clock. Through an adventure of finding out what happened to his best friend, and who murdered their father, Jimmy grows into a self-confident young man who doesn’t need a clock or at least not as much.

cover-printThis story, The Clock Watcher is full of action, thought-provoking moments, tender heart retching feelings of overcoming loss and uplifting tears of joy during times of emotional highs. The characters are so real that you will feel that they are part of your family.

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The Judge’s Daughter

More Skeletons Than a Halloween Fun House

We all make many choices in our lives and none of them should be considered wrong choices. At the time we chose our journey’s direction with all the knowledge we have at hand. Sometimes that direction ultimately turns out to not be something that we want, so we consider ourselves failures.

This book, The Judge’s Daughter, shows us through the characters that the choices weren’t a mistake, but what you do with those choices is what counts. Wallowing in pity is not a positive step forward for the more difficult choices if acted upon will make us even stronger in the future.

How important is heredity when you don’t know what yours is? Is it important enough to kill for? Such was the case with the Prescott and McCauley families. They had it all. Infidelity, abortions, drugs, hitmen, spousal abuse, billions of dollars, pedophilia and enough lawyers, judges and politicians to really mix up the gene pool.

coverThe Judge’s Daughter is an intriguing murder mystery that has more layers than a royal wedding cake including more family skeletons than a Halloween Fun House. Pepper it with a lot dry humor and it makes for an entertaining read. It is a mystery that makes you turn the last page before you discover who is behind the murders and who is whose father and mother.

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The Judge’s Daughter by Claudette Cleveland

The Over 50 HOA

Not Your Grandma’s HOA

Have any of you escaped through your own experience or possibly through a friend from being ruled by a Homeowners Association? Most of us haven’t.

The HOA as it is called, has been around for a long time. Except for rural America, very few people have avoided having to follow their rules at sometime. The book, The Over 50 HOA is about a housing complex that is restricted to only residents, who are over the age of 50.

Widowed and semi-retired criminal lawyer, Kurt Walker buys a house in one of these restricted housing areas and finds that hardened criminals are sometimes easier to deal with than the board of directors of an HOA. Kurt discovers the Gestapo-like enforcers of the neighborhood rules often transcend the laws of the legal system.

coverThe Over 50 HOA is funny, tragic, tender and thought-provoking. All the elements a good read should have.

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