The Judge’s Daughter

More Skeletons Than a Halloween Fun House

We all make many choices in our lives and none of them should be considered wrong choices. At the time we chose our journey’s direction with all the knowledge we have at hand. Sometimes that direction ultimately turns out to not be something that we want, so we consider ourselves failures.

This book, The Judge’s Daughter, shows us through the characters that the choices weren’t a mistake, but what you do with those choices is what counts. Wallowing in pity is not a positive step forward for the more difficult choices if acted upon will make us even stronger in the future.

How important is heredity when you don’t know what yours is? Is it important enough to kill for? Such was the case with the Prescott and McCauley families. They had it all. Infidelity, abortions, drugs, hitmen, spousal abuse, billions of dollars, pedophilia and enough lawyers, judges and politicians to really mix up the gene pool.

coverThe Judge’s Daughter is an intriguing murder mystery that has more layers than a royal wedding cake including more family skeletons than a Halloween Fun House. Pepper it with a lot dry humor and it makes for an entertaining read. It is a mystery that makes you turn the last page before you discover who is behind the murders and who is whose father and mother.

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The Over 50 HOA

Not Your Grandma’s HOA

Have any of you escaped through your own experience or possibly through a friend from being ruled by a Homeowners Association? Most of us haven’t.

The HOA as it is called, has been around for a long time. Except for rural America, very few people have avoided having to follow their rules at sometime. The book, The Over 50 HOA is about a housing complex that is restricted to only residents, who are over the age of 50.

Widowed and semi-retired criminal lawyer, Kurt Walker buys a house in one of these restricted housing areas and finds that hardened criminals are sometimes easier to deal with than the board of directors of an HOA. Kurt discovers the Gestapo-like enforcers of the neighborhood rules often transcend the laws of the legal system.

coverThe Over 50 HOA is funny, tragic, tender and thought-provoking. All the elements a good read should have.

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1111 Ocean View Drive, A Saga

A Saga of the Brandons

1111 Ocean View Drive

1111 Ocean View Drive  is a saga of a ordinary family, the Brandons, if an ordinary family has a black book full of deadly organic cocktails that they sell for millions. That fights a drug cartel in Mexico. That has mysterious deaths occur at an apartment building next to a fake ocean in the landlocked US state of Indiana.

When a frustrated war reporter discovers a town where the primary employer is a family owned nursery that was inherited by a couple of 60s hippies from an old bachelor uncle named Jasper, whose sideline business involved a black book full of deadly organic formulas, a bestseller is in the making.

Writer John Reardon’s life changes forever when he discovers that investigating the deaths at 1111 Ocean View Drive, an address in the small town of Jasperville, Indiana on the outskirts of Chicago is as dangerous as his previous career of reporting from the middle-east war zone. Corruption can be everywhere, but so can loving and endearing people. He found both in Jasperville.

coverThe book, 1111 Ocean View Drive will have you laughing, crying and yes even sometimes angry, but it is guaranteed to also keep you turning pages. Just hold on tight as you encounter all the twists and turns throughout the story.

Here’s a little hint. Did you know for example that every part of your oleander bush as well as your grandma’s caster oil is lethal. Our US government spends millions of our tax dollars on these organic weapons.


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Lust on the Sea

A Cruise Ship Thriller

Have you ever been on a cruise? Probably not the two week kind that the FBI and DEA undercover team in the book went on. The name of the cruise, which was Lust on the Sea should give you a hint that it was not a Disney or family oriented type of cruise.

Could this pleasure cruise be a front for more than simply a singles cruise of which there are many. After reading the book Lust on the Sea, it may make many of you consider a different type of vacation in the future. One that doesn’t include stops at an island called Hedone, which is associated with the Greek god of sensual pleasure. Sex folks, which the ancient Greeks personified.

The cover in the Molly McGuire mystery, thrillers is again action filled and laced with Molly’s humor. She will have you laughing and then crying the next minute at some of the tender moments in the story.

The book is categorized as fiction, but unfortunately the story could be all too real. As you read the final book in this series, let us all applaud the many men and women whose job it is to work undercover to help bring justice to our chaotic and often lawless world.

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The White Silk Nightgown

The Real Story Revealed at the Very End


My new book, The White Silk Nightgown is not like any of the other 40 plus books that I have published. The meaning of the real story is only revealed at the very end of the book. Now don’t cheat and read the end of the book first like a friend of mine does.

There are layers upon layers of psychological thoughts and fast moving action, even a murder. Through the main character we see how she grows from a fearful young girl to a confident, successful creative woman.

Enjoy her journey. I think that you’ll see that hers is not much different than most of ours.

As you read look beyond the surface story for the hidden meaning. Then you will have moments of laughter, times where tears seep from your eyes or other periods when reflection furrows your forehead.

coverIf you’ve ever thought about doing something creative, this is a must read book. If you ever thought about doing anything outside the box or that isn’t the accepted ideas of those around you, this is a must read book.

Just remember that most of our personal prisons are self made.

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Nevermore Ravenville

Nevermore, Mr. Poe

One of my favorite poems is The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. The way he expresses his grief for his beloved Lenore stirs my feeling. The bird, the raven, has been talked and written about since time began. Among many indigenous people it was considered a spiritual figure or a god. The raven in the bible and other religious literature was said to herald death. Other cultures consider it a messenger when it appeared.

Personally, they have always fascinated me. When one appears in my space, I usually get an inner voice giving me advice, which later turns out to be right on. I named my book Ravenville because of these ancient beliefs, but mostly because of Poe’s experience with his raven.

Hidden beneath the veneer of the quiet, quaint town of Ravenville, located in northern Illinois, was a network of psychopaths, who were responsible for some of the most heinous crimes in the world.

Married to one of its ring leaders was Gwen Calder Ellington, who is pregnant and very ill. Her sister Catherine, Cat, comes to Ravenville to help her sister. Cat finds herself in the middle of a series of murders when she discovers dead women that look like her while jogging.

coverThe book, Ravenville takes the reader on an adventure of thrilling twists and turns. An honest undercover FBI man enters Cat’s life, and they pretend to be lovers for her protection … or are they pretending. The story has more hidden surprises than a Halloween Fun House.

We hope Edgar Allan Poe would have been proud of this book that is packed full of Mystery and Intrigue named for his beloved and hated bird, The Raven.

Ravenville is now available in epub or print format at under books by Claudette Cleveland

The Sara Connolly Mystery Series

Sara Gets A Makeover

Recently I edited and did some rewriting to the entire series of nine books in the Sara Connolly Mystery Series. The action is more exciting and the descriptions of the characters are more vivId. I even updated three of the covers. The old ones felt old and tired.

If you have not read the Sara Series, I think you’re in for a treat. If you have read them I think that you’ll enjoy reading the newer versions. I even enjoyed reading them again and I’m the author.

Each book is a stand alone book so it is not necessary to read them in any order, although why not. I think you’ll love Sara as much as I do as you accompany her on her thrilling adventures.

I do want to make something clear about what is called her special gifts as described in her books. Everything she does along those lines are things that I am or many of my friends are doing on a daily basis. Those parts of the story are not fictional. I’m guessing that many of you, too, have these special gifts as well, but are afraid to admit it.

My advice to you all is to own who you are and what you can do. You’re in good company.

Another thing I love about Sara is her sense of humor. When I start getting too serious in my day to day life, I pick up one of these books and get a dose of Sara. She has a way of making me look at my world with a whole new perspective.

Go to my Amazon page, Books by Claudette Cleveland on and take a look at the newly updated series. Introduce some friends to my good friend Sara Connolly and her many friends. They’ll thank you for it.

All my books are available in ebook and 6 x 9 paperback print format.