The Club

Many Clubs

Book of the Month for February is The Club.  The dictionary states that a club is a group of people with similar thinking coming together and taking part in social activities. Every Club can vary greatly. In February’s book several different clubs are talked about. One is the Elders Club at a church where prayer is not the main event. Another are the Men’s Poker Clubs where the end of the night’s grand prize in the pot is a girl. Yet another is a men only club called simply The Club where in a paradise setting men come together to laugh and have fun … no sex. Except perhaps in their minds.


Hopefully you’ll find The Club a thought provoking and fun read but like most of the books in this series, dig deeper and you’ll discover the message for a way to create a more meaningful and less inhibited life for yourself.

The most important Club is the one we have within us. The one that harbors the feelings for personal activities that make us tingle when we merely think about doing them, regardless of whether family, friends or even society approves. Activities that harm no one, but let us allow our true selves to come forth.

Have you ever not done something because of ‘what would the neighbors say’? Ask the people at a dinner party sometime how many have skinny dipped in a public pool or lake. You’ll know who did by those who have by the smile on their faces. You’ll know who didn’t by those who have been afraid to by their frowns.

Flower Children of the sixties rise again. Yeah, I guess I was one of those and still am at least in spirit, but history shows that every generation had its free spirits. They didn’t call it the Roaring Twenties for nothing. One of the deeper meanings that this book suggests is that it may be your time to let the free spirited Fun Club within you be born.

A more serious problem is one Club that every generation also had and still has is predatory perverts (also a club). These are people, who think they have a right to prey on and harm the innocents of society. It is not acceptable for a Club to rape, murder, stalk or harm a fellow human. When society or we personally deal with these predators should we seek revenge or justice or are they the same thing? I’ll let you decide that after you’ve read The Club.

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Other Books of the Month

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January’s Book: The Commune


Weep with Joy

We are faced with many challenges during our lives. I’ve always tried to look at them as positive building blocks that helps me to build strength of character. I discovered that the trials and tribulations that I had faced growing up were nothing compared to the hundreds of women whose stories that I listened to as a therapist.

sunsetOne night my sleep was filled with dreams and messages. I was being told to tell what these women had experienced. Their stories made me weep with sadness and their brave healing made me weep with admiration and joy. As children they had been physically and sexually abused by relatives, priests, clergymen, doctors, important men in the community … the list goes on. Even after decades my clients’ pain was still very close to the surface.

As my nightly messages guided me to do, I took their stories and made them the experiences of the characters in some of my fictional books. Their healing from such atrocities is nothing short of miraculous and is an integral part of them. My goal through telling their story is also to help all people to become aware that this abuse is not some thirteen year old’s imagination. Through awareness and understanding, we can stop this disease by punishing the pedophiles and abusers no matter who they are. Only by cutting out and destroying these cancer cells of society will we be able to evolve as enlightened humans.

Their stories also have a brighter side … their healing. As was the case with many of my clients, the characters in The Commune used those early challenges to develop into brave, strong, well adjusted women with a great sense of humor. Many are now making huge positive contributions to society.

Just as a side note. Where I had my therapy business, they indicted nineteen priests for pedophilia and rape.

The Commune is the first book to be published with this theme. There will be a new one published monthly.

The Commune is available now on Amazon.

The book The Commune is also available on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

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What’s a Novella?

Sara Connolly Mysteries The word and concept, novella, dates back to the time of the Italian Renaissance so it is not new. Nowadays, it is a common consensus that the various literary labels for fictional written works be defined by the word count rather than the page numbers. Whereas a novel is considered by most to be 60,000 to 100,000 words, a novella is considered to be 17,500 to 40,000 words.

The novella in current times has experienced a surge in popularity among readers due primarily to the demand for electronic books. It is perfect for the electronic format as well as for people’s busy schedules. Often a novella can be read in one or two sittings.

As an author I’m asked, “Is it easier to write a novella than a novel?” My answer is no. In a novella, because of the limited word count, every word is important to fulfill the required elements that a novel must have. Character development, action, twists and turns, adversaries and conclusions must be all there, but in fewer words.

One point of contention that I have with some novellas … and I have read a lot of them … is that the conclusions to the stories are weak or nonexistent. Often the author will end their novella with ‘to find out what happens, buy my next book’. I feel cheated when I have invested my time and money in the book and it’s incomplete. Needless to say I don’t buy the next book.

When I started the Sara Connolly Mystery novella series, I wanted to make sure of three things. One: that people know what they are buying … a novella. Two: that each book is a complete book in itself. Three: although each book may have some common characters, they do not have to be read in a certain order. After just completing the eighth book in the series, I can honestly say that all three points of my criteria has been met each novella.

Positive Changes

Is the earth changing? Sure is. Has it always been in a state of change? Sure has. So how does all this fear talk of global warming, the 2012 phenomena, world monetary depression, etc. affect you on a personal level. History shows us that “fear talk” is a great way to gain control and power over people. There’s a simple solution in order to assure your personal happiness. Don’t buy into it. I’ll admit easier said than done but not impossible.

Those of you who have read my book “Beneath and Beyond” remember that in the myth when the earth was in an upheaval of change and Lemuria gradually sunk, the people adapted to the change and migrated to “higher” ground. Those who refused to change and move on ceased to exist. The same scenario is true today. Without change there is no growth and without growth things die.

Since so many of you have asked for our insights and advice during these transitional times, here it is. Follow your intuition (your true essence) and become deaf to the “fear talk.” Move to “higher” ground physically, mentally and most importantly spiritually.

What is Fantasy?

I am told that my book Beneath and Beyond: The Hidden City falls into the fantasy genre. Some of you have emailed me and told me not only did you not think it was a fantasy but you also did not think it is fiction. You may be right if you believe that our life here on this beautiful planet is an illusion.

All of Tashi’s experiences are possible and many of you have told me that you have actually done some of his “magical” feats. So what is fantasy book? It’s merely a category in which the publishing industry wishes to place a certain type of literature.

So what is our message to the readers? Determine your fantasy and then start living it. While you’re dreaming, Dream Big.

Where’s the Hidden City?

Many of you who have read my book Beneath and Beyond: The Hidden City have asked “where is the hidden city?” Even though the book is a work of fiction, many of the descriptions are taken from real life.

Just for fun, we decided to throw it out to you. Where do you think the “Hidden City” is located? Tell us your opinion of its location in the comments section. Also let us know if any of you have been there.