American Library Assoc. Convention

I just returned from presenting my book at the ALA in New Orleans. Very successful. My friend and assistant Denise Dyer went with me to help me meet and greet the over 25,000 librarians in the “Big Easy” at this national convention. My book, “Beneath and Beyond”, was well received. I had both the soft and the hard cover there.

Other highlights of our time in New Orleans is that I ate gator…liked it. Also we had a book signing in the French quarter at a delightful bookstore that now carries my book. Check out the pictures.

From LA we headed to Hot Springs AR where they have many crystal mines. There I was scheduled for a book signing and a seminar at the Golden Leaves Bookstore where years ago I had done some programs. They now carry my book and it was great seeing everyone again.

We then drove to Dallas where I did a reading and a book signing for a group. The 4th of July holiday was upon us so we headed the car for Phoenix. Our successful “Thelma and Louise” trip was coming to an end.

The London Book Fair

The London Book Fair in which I participated during April was both “bloody” informative and “bloody” FUN. One very interesting observation was the huge interest many other countries have in improving the literacy and creativity of their citizens. Such countries as Russia, Slovia, Nigeria, China and the list goes on are investing a lot of time and money toward this cause.

Being an American author and artist, it prompted me to look at my own country in order to see what we are doing to encourage art, creative reading and writing in our young people (I don’t mean merely text messaging). Let me put it this way, we could do a lot more.

Every opportunity I get, I talk to people, young and old alike, to stimulate them to express themselves creatively; to get in touch with their right brains (their higher selves). Write a book, paint a picture, write and sing a song and enjoy the creative endeavors of others for through this you are sharing passion and love. I am interested in what the rest of you are doing to raise the vibrations of we “earthlings”, so please take this opportunity to share with us.

The Abu Dhabi Book Expo

In March I had the opportunity to participate in the International Book Expo at Abu Dhabi, UAE. My book, Beneath and Beyond: The Hidden City, was featured in my publisher’s booth at the expo.  As an author in the booth, I got to talk to people from all over the world about my book as well as sell it to those who were interested. On the first day a couple of local young adults, about college age, bought my book, as well as others. On the second morning I had a line of young adults lined up wanting to also purchase it. Curiosity got the better of me so I asked where they had heard about it. Two of their friends had bought it the day before and loved it. I sold every book that I had taken, which confirms for me that there is a higher purpose to the eloquent words that have been sent to me to share with as many humans as are ready to hear them.

Keeping my ego in tack, I realized that I was not focusing enough on that young adult age group. Since my book instills in its reader a feeling of hope and a possibility that magic is possible in our humble human lives, I had not realized that during this time of trying events in the world even our young people are seeking an alternative or “new magic.”

Lemuria: Is it a Myth Seminar on November 9, 2010 in Scottsdale, AZ

Was there a lost continent in the Pacific? Who were the teachers of the ancient civilizations and where are they today?

Claudette has extensively travelled all over the world especially in the vicinity of the Ring of Fire. She has talked with many of the indigenous people in countries circling where Lemuria or Mu is said to have existed.

During the seminar she will also help you to call up your DNA memories. It’s quite possible you too walked the streets of that lost continent in the Pacific.

Tuesday, November 9, 6:00-8:00pm
Mystic Moon Bookstore, Scottsdale, AZ
Call the store for more information and to sign up.

The International Book Fair in Frankfurt Germany

I have gotten a lot of inquiries about the book fair and I thank you. It was great. With some spiritual help, I experienced no jet lag. I got off the plane Wednesday morning running. After a quick shower and a lesson on how to ride the tram, I proceeded to the fair.

After meeting with my publisher, I went exploring. The fair took up eight buildings the size of football fields or bigger. A couple of the exhibit halls had multiple floors, which I climbed by way of stairs. That was a test. Everyone I met was friendly and gracious and I learned so much about the publishing industry.

There were 114 countries represented with many publishers and agents from each one. Since I speak no foreign language, my gift at charades and mind reading came in handy. Would I do it again? You bet. In fact I agreed to go with the publisher to the book fair in Abu Dhabi in March.

Check out this video where I talk about my experience at the fair:

Launch Party Pictures

It was exciting that well over a hundred of you showed up at the launch party to wish me success and to purchase my book for yourself and friends. It was great fun meeting new people as well as reconnecting with old friends.