Found My Thrill

Every generation has its challenges. Such was the case of the children of the sixties. It was a time of dichotomies. War/Peace, establishment/free spirit, long hair/short hair, marriage/free love, big band/rock and roll. You get the idea. ‘Live for the moment’ and ‘if it ain’t fun don’t do it’ became a couple of the mantras of that era.

The Children of Blueberry Hill is a feel good story about a granddaughter that finds and reads her flower child grandmother’s journals explaining in detail her experiences while growing up during that mystical sixties period in time. To put it into Pam Porter’s words, (the granddaughter), ‘Grandma made my generation look like nuns’.

Three generations of women discover that to be happy one must follow your bliss and not settle for what relatives or society thinks is acceptable for them.


Maybe some of us retired flower children need to share again that there really is no universal right and wrong, no black and white in life … no judgement. Then maybe we could all get along and ‘make love not war’. We might then start respecting each other as just another human being trying to learn how to be a more spiritual person; all the while, FINDING OUR THRILL on this wonderful earthly playground.

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Remember High School

You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. When is a high school not just a high school? My book called The High School is one of the books in the Molly McGuire mystery series. While working for the FBI, her team goes undercover in a small midwest town. She poses as a gym teacher and girl’s swim coach at the local high school. They soon discover that more than algebra classes are taking place in the old high school. The deeper the investigation goes, the more amazed they are about the depth of the corruption.

Ever wonder what went on in the principal’s office after most everyone went home? Why did the lights burn until after midnight? Did the principal really need a large sofa in his office? In your mind, go back to your high school days and remember. Were there times when it seemed that things were not quite right? Was there more going on than what appeared on the surface?

When you read this keep in mind that I have a tremendous imagination so even in high school I made up stories in my head about the faculty and administration of my high school. My stories were much more interesting than real life.

I hope you‘re laughing by now because if I recall most teenagers would not have even noticed, but I’m not saying it didn’t happen and possibly still does. Once upon a time I was a young attractive teacher and the propositions were numerous from all ages of men at my school. Even some remarks from the student’s fathers were not too subtle with their innuendos. I had no problem handling them and defusing the situations back then but some women might have.

coverSome of you may ask, ‘Why don’t they report this kind of harassment?’ You’re kidding right? Report to whom, when it’s the guy in charge doing it. Most young women like their job. I write this book because I have heard story after story as a therapist like some of these in the book. I’m hoping times have changed since my time.

Even though part of the theme of the book is serious, the humor in the story helps us to see how laughing can keep this darker side of human nature from destroying those who deal with it. Not all principals are like the one in the story nor does all charity come with a price, but we need to not forget that some does.

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A Dream Job That’s a Nightmare

Meet Molly McGuire, who discovers that life can have many twists and turns when she gets hired as an events planner at an exclusive all men’s spa in southern Arizona. Her brilliant mind and keen intuitive sense helps her to realize early on that it is not all fun and frolic at this remote mountain retreat.

There are many copper mines in Arizona which once flourished and supported the towns where this story takes place. The tunnels are still there hidden inside the mountains, although in most no mining is taking place. I had an opportunity to tour one of these mines. It was a bit surreal as they drove us through layers of tunnels. You could almost hear the hammers hitting the stone walls when you closed your eyes. Being down there truly felt like I was in an underground city.

coverIt was that experience that stimulated me to use a copper mine for the setting of my book, The Spa. What if even now these underground cities were being used by drug cartels or human traffickers from which to run their business. Jesse James used caves as hideouts so why couldn’t modern day bandits use old mine tunnels?

Also, what better way to camouflage an illicit business than through a spa? Unless of course if you hire Molly to work for you. Let your imagination reel as you experience her adventure at this remote resort.

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The Pulpit

Change Who We Are

“We can’t help who we were born to, but we sure the hell can help what we become.”  (A quote from a character in The Pulpit)

coverWe can’t change who our family is. We can only change who we are. Not everyone was born into the ideal Leave it to Beaver family. Such is the case with the evangelist in my book The Pulpit. Declaring to avenge his mother’s and sister’s deaths by the hands of his perverted father and Baptist preacher uncle, he finds that the shame of his family prevents him from feeling worthy of a healthy relationship himself.

From his pulpit Brother Billy spreads seeds of love which blossom and bloom as his rescue homes grow and become Beacons of Light. Like Billy many of us have doubted that what we are doing to help get rid of horrific disease in this country is hopelessly ineffective.

When courts and churches blame the woman or girl for her abuse especially when she tries to fight back, we should feel alarmed. When the president of our own country gets sympathy as he uses his power to take advantage of a woman who works for him, we should yell from the roof tops … NO MORE.

This story is written from a man’s view when he was not only the victim of abuse but also suffered the loss of his female loved ones to rape and death. This is a disease that touches everyone.

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DNA Memories

Who are your ancestors? Long before, my grandmother was researching her ancestry. What she found ranged from ‘they came over on the Mayflower’ to the role models for Steinbeck’s characters in Grapes of Wrath. She even found a few Cherokees mixed in there. Oh yeah, I can’t forget being the 8th cousin to President Grover Cleveland.

Many of my relatives weren’t necessarily pleased that Grandma was digging up some of this information from the past. What I thought was colorful others thought shameful. These past experiences is what gave me the inspiration for my new book, The Canary.

For me this book was really fun to write and hopefully for you as much fun to read. It has two primary characters who lived more than a hundred years apart. History repeats itself again and again as Zoe hears the tale of her great, great,great grandmother, Annabelle. Will Zoe’s fate have the same solution and outcome as her renowned ancestors did.? Is there really such a thing as DNA memory which transcends generations? Could be.

coverBoth women, modern day Zoe and 19th century Annabelle, believe that dreams are meant to come true so with some cunningness and hard work both women set out to make them happen, often against tremendous odds.

How many of you have ever had an experience where the wind blew in your face and you felt that you could fly? As a teenager I had a horse named Big Red. When times were troubling, actually when aren’t they for a teenager, I would get on Big Red and whisper to him, ‘Let’s make like the wind.’ He would take off across a field and I would feel one with that huge horse as well as the wind.

When you read The Canary, remember those special times in your life and relive them along with Zoe. They may be different experiences in detail, but the feelings will be the same.

By sharing those experiences, you will help others to remember. Let’s hear from you.

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A Library Without Books

Ever wonder what happens to old libraries in small towns when they are no longer useful or not worth the cost to stay open? When the Internet literally puts them out of business and they are too much of a drain on the taxpayers’ budget? In a company owned town like Blessing where everyone’s livelihood depends on revenue from the one and only employer, the library building is used for something other than books, sometimes sinister things.

Such is the case
in my book titled The Library. The Zilly Pharmaceutical company owns the remote desert town of Blessing, every store, every restaurant, every house and all the recreational facilities, even the bottled water plant. It’s a paradise. Then how is it that a whole other sinister life lurks beneath the old historic Blessing library?

Where I used to live in Colorado, there was such a company owned town. The company who owned it had long since moved, but the tales of what it was like in the early days are still shared. The existence and stories of that town is what inspired the setting of my book, The Library.

We would love to hear about old historic buildings in your town or towns that were built and owned by companies at one time.

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The book The Library is also available on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library

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Sara Connolly Mysteries

The Ranch

The Ranch

Recently Amazon put all nine of the Sara Connolly Mysteries into a collection that can be downloaded all at once. To introduce my readers to this series we are offering one of the books, The Ranch FREE.

Ever wonder if you have a sibling somewhere that you don’t know about. Sara was contacted by a woman who claimed that she was just that. Having no living relatives, Sara had no way of knowing if the woman’s claim was true. When the possible sibling asked for her PI services, Sara aided her while waiting for the results of a DNA test. With the help of a fellow PI, The investigation took her to a wild west ranch and town in Wyoming.

By placing Sara’s case solving adventure in Wyoming, I was able to revisit my memories of staying on a similar ranch while experiencing in those wide open spaces and as well as the rustic town that is every ranch hand in the area’s gathering place. Of course back then no one around me was arrested for murder nor was anyone shooting at me, but that’s the fun of writing a ‘who done it’ fictional story based on a true life experience. You can have the character undergo any calamity that you want.

Trust me I never woke up with a dead person who covered my bed with blood next to me, but Sara did. The story is action filled with the flavor of the west so pull on your boots and put on your hat and join Sara on The Ranch in Wyoming.

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This book has a five star rating. Below is one reader’s review of The Ranch:

I have loved all the Sara series but I have to say the action…twists and turns in The Ranch…kept me on the edge of my seat! I read it in record time and didn’t want it to end.

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