About the Author

Claudette Cleveland has traveled all over the world and because of this brings an authenticity to her book’s characters and settings.

She has published articles, poems and a book of short stories, poems and original art called Fly With Me. Her poem, Together Again was accepted in the anthology “The Peace We Knew” and garnered an Editors Choice Award. This poem was also selected to be included in the recording, “The Sounds of Poetry”. She is an invited member of the International Society of Poets.

The Beneath and Beyond Trilogy has been featured in several international book fairs in places such as Abu Dhabi, Frankfort, London, New York, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and San Pablo.

Claudette is an accomplished speaker and teacher and has internationally spoken and taught before both small as well as groups in the hundreds. Throughout her versatile careers, she has been on radio talk shows and has been featured in several periodical articles.

My passion in life is creating. Whether it’s writing or painting, I become totally absorbed in my current project. For instance, when writing, I receive a movie in my head filled with special effects including surround sound. Writing then becomes a process where I transcribe my mental movie into words. The story is all quite real for me because I put myself right into the situations that I feel I’m actually experiencing.

My writing goal is to pull you in with me so that you too are hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting and seeing all that is happening as we develop a personal relationship with the characters. My traveling experiences help me to bring an authenticity to the story’s setting and to share the anecdotes of wonderful people I’ve met.

From the feedback I have gotten from you, the readers, I think I am succeeding for many have brought Althea and Tashi from the Beneath and Beyond Trilogy off the page and into your lives. You’ve also found a part of yourselves, an alter-ego if you will, in the character Sara of the Sara Connolly Mystery Series. I really appreciate everyone sharing their insights and feelings with myself and others, making this chapter in my life very rewarding.

The covers of my books are similarly inspired … by visions. Having a degree in art, designing the covers gives me an opportunity to bring my visions to life in another form.

Photo by jenLynn Photography.