The Pen Pal

Dear Friend

Many of us, probably when we were twelve to fourteen-years-old have had a pen pal who was often far from our home. Maybe we met someone our age on vacation or visiting a relative, and we clicked with them. At those insecure early teen ages we wanted someone to talk to who would “understand” our problems. Since they were miles away, it was safe to bare our soul.

coverThat’s what happened to the character in the book The Pen Pal. Clarice meets a boy her age while staying a month at a summer camp. He becomes her protector and confidant, while helping her get through the sorrow of losing her mother, who had been recently killed.

Having a stepmother who wanted no part of her except for her trust fund was another obstacle to overcome. Her pen pal understood her and his advice helped her to remain sane.

When you throw in the mob and many forms of illicit activity in her hometown and of course, a body guard who could be a model for GQ, you have a story that keeps you turning pages into the night, as well as laughing a lot.

Join Clarice in her journey growing from being a lonely girl in that summer camp to a self-assured, street smart young woman of twenty-one. All with the help of her Pen Pal.

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