The Indentured Servant Project

Team Project Series

When I asked people if they knew about Indentured Servants, more than half said they did not. Maybe they were absent from school the day they taught that. There again maybe their school didn’t teach history. I was shocked when I found out that many don’t teach American history today.

Anyway when I found out that ‘indentured servants’ are still being sold in this country, I had to write the story. Thus, my newest Team Project Series book called The Indentured Servant Project is now available. Many of the events in the book were based on real life accounts (unfortunately).

coverEven though indentured servitude was declared illegal in 1917, the whole indentured servant practice is alive and very active today. This book uses what’s going on with the help of the Irish Catholic churches where young Irish girls are still being sold. Today we call it human trafficking.

As with all the Team Project books, it is full of mystery, intrigue, romantic moments, lots of humor and tender tear jerking occasions as well as filled with well researched facts. The team again takes on a project that enables them to in their usual enthusiastic manner. Join us in this fast action filled adventure.

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