The Clock Watcher

Are You a Clock Watcher

What makes humans become clock watchers? After some investigating, we found that it is fear. Fear of the present and what’s happening NOW. We watch the second hand tick, tick, tick in hopes that after a certain amount of ticks that there will be something better and the fear that we harbor within us will be put on a shelf in our mind until the next time that a fear invades. Then we will watch the clock again.

Maybe it was the old adage that time heals everything that caused us to become clock watchers. The main character of the book, The Clock Watcher, James Scott learned at an early age that watching the school room clock tick, tick, tick helped him to forget his fear of writing. Having an over-abundance of fears, he used his clock watching skills to make life bearable.

With the help of his sister, Liz, he learns that fears don’t go away with the ticks of a clock. Through an adventure of finding out what happened to his best friend, and who murdered their father, Jimmy grows into a self-confident young man who doesn’t need a clock or at least not as much.

cover-printThis story, The Clock Watcher is full of action, thought-provoking moments, tender heart retching feelings of overcoming loss and uplifting tears of joy during times of emotional highs. The characters are so real that you will feel that they are part of your family.

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