The Judge’s Daughter

More Skeletons Than a Halloween Fun House

We all make many choices in our lives and none of them should be considered wrong choices. At the time we chose our journey’s direction with all the knowledge we have at hand. Sometimes that direction ultimately turns out to not be something that we want, so we consider ourselves failures.

This book, The Judge’s Daughter, shows us through the characters that the choices weren’t a mistake, but what you do with those choices is what counts. Wallowing in pity is not a positive step forward for the more difficult choices if acted upon will make us even stronger in the future.

How important is heredity when you don’t know what yours is? Is it important enough to kill for? Such was the case with the Prescott and McCauley families. They had it all. Infidelity, abortions, drugs, hitmen, spousal abuse, billions of dollars, pedophilia and enough lawyers, judges and politicians to really mix up the gene pool.

coverThe Judge’s Daughter is an intriguing murder mystery that has more layers than a royal wedding cake including more family skeletons than a Halloween Fun House. Pepper it with a lot dry humor and it makes for an entertaining read. It is a mystery that makes you turn the last page before you discover who is behind the murders and who is whose father and mother.

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The Judge’s Daughter by Claudette Cleveland