The Over 50 HOA

Not Your Grandma’s HOA

Have any of you escaped through your own experience or possibly through a friend from being ruled by a Homeowners Association? Most of us haven’t.

The HOA as it is called, has been around for a long time. Except for rural America, very few people have avoided having to follow their rules at sometime. The book, The Over 50 HOA is about a housing complex that is restricted to only residents, who are over the age of 50.

Widowed and semi-retired criminal lawyer, Kurt Walker buys a house in one of these restricted housing areas and finds that hardened criminals are sometimes easier to deal with than the board of directors of an HOA. Kurt discovers the Gestapo-like enforcers of the neighborhood rules often transcend the laws of the legal system.

coverThe Over 50 HOA is funny, tragic, tender and thought-provoking. All the elements a good read should have.

It is now available from,                                           Books by Claudette Cleveland

Download the ebook or purchase the paperback version and then let me know what you think. Do you have an HOA story?