1111 Ocean View Drive, A Saga

A Saga of the Brandons

1111 Ocean View Drive

1111 Ocean View Drive  is a saga of a ordinary family, the Brandons, if an ordinary family has a black book full of deadly organic cocktails that they sell for millions. That fights a drug cartel in Mexico. That has mysterious deaths occur at an apartment building next to a fake ocean in the landlocked US state of Indiana.

When a frustrated war reporter discovers a town where the primary employer is a family owned nursery that was inherited by a couple of 60s hippies from an old bachelor uncle named Jasper, whose sideline business involved a black book full of deadly organic formulas, a bestseller is in the making.

Writer John Reardon’s life changes forever when he discovers that investigating the deaths at 1111 Ocean View Drive, an address in the small town of Jasperville, Indiana on the outskirts of Chicago is as dangerous as his previous career of reporting from the middle-east war zone. Corruption can be everywhere, but so can loving and endearing people. He found both in Jasperville.

coverThe book, 1111 Ocean View Drive will have you laughing, crying and yes even sometimes angry, but it is guaranteed to also keep you turning pages. Just hold on tight as you encounter all the twists and turns throughout the story.

Here’s a little hint. Did you know for example that every part of your oleander bush as well as your grandma’s caster oil is lethal. Our US government spends millions of our tax dollars on these organic weapons.


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