Lust on the Sea

A Cruise Ship Thriller

Have you ever been on a cruise? Probably not the two week kind that the FBI and DEA undercover team in the book went on. The name of the cruise, which was Lust on the Sea should give you a hint that it was not a Disney or family oriented type of cruise.

Could this pleasure cruise be a front for more than simply a singles cruise of which there are many. After reading the book Lust on the Sea, it may make many of you consider a different type of vacation in the future. One that doesn’t include stops at an island called Hedone, which is associated with the Greek god of sensual pleasure. Sex folks, which the ancient Greeks personified.

The cover in the Molly McGuire mystery, thrillers is again action filled and laced with Molly’s humor. She will have you laughing and then crying the next minute at some of the tender moments in the story.

The book is categorized as fiction, but unfortunately the story could be all too real. As you read the final book in this series, let us all applaud the many men and women whose job it is to work undercover to help bring justice to our chaotic and often lawless world.

Go to, Books by Claudette Cleveland and Download the ebook version of Lust on the Sea or order the paperback version.

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