The White Silk Nightgown

The Real Story Revealed at the Very End


My new book, The White Silk Nightgown is not like any of the other 40 plus books that I have published. The meaning of the real story is only revealed at the very end of the book. Now don’t cheat and read the end of the book first like a friend of mine does.

There are layers upon layers of psychological thoughts and fast moving action, even a murder. Through the main character we see how she grows from a fearful young girl to a confident, successful creative woman.

Enjoy her journey. I think that you’ll see that hers is not much different than most of ours.

As you read look beyond the surface story for the hidden meaning. Then you will have moments of laughter, times where tears seep from your eyes or other periods when reflection furrows your forehead.

coverIf you’ve ever thought about doing something creative, this is a must read book. If you ever thought about doing anything outside the box or that isn’t the accepted ideas of those around you, this is a must read book.

Just remember that most of our personal prisons are self made.

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It is available in both ebook and paperback print format.