Nevermore Ravenville

Nevermore, Mr. Poe

One of my favorite poems is The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. The way he expresses his grief for his beloved Lenore stirs my feeling. The bird, the raven, has been talked and written about since time began. Among many indigenous people it was considered a spiritual figure or a god. The raven in the bible and other religious literature was said to herald death. Other cultures consider it a messenger when it appeared.

Personally, they have always fascinated me. When one appears in my space, I usually get an inner voice giving me advice, which later turns out to be right on. I named my book Ravenville because of these ancient beliefs, but mostly because of Poe’s experience with his raven.

Hidden beneath the veneer of the quiet, quaint town of Ravenville, located in northern Illinois, was a network of psychopaths, who were responsible for some of the most heinous crimes in the world.

Married to one of its ring leaders was Gwen Calder Ellington, who is pregnant and very ill. Her sister Catherine, Cat, comes to Ravenville to help her sister. Cat finds herself in the middle of a series of murders when she discovers dead women that look like her while jogging.

coverThe book, Ravenville takes the reader on an adventure of thrilling twists and turns. An honest undercover FBI man enters Cat’s life, and they pretend to be lovers for her protection … or are they pretending. The story has more hidden surprises than a Halloween Fun House.

We hope Edgar Allan Poe would have been proud of this book that is packed full of Mystery and Intrigue named for his beloved and hated bird, The Raven.

Ravenville is now available in epub or print format at under books by Claudette Cleveland