The Sara Connolly Mystery Series

Sara Gets A Makeover

Recently I edited and did some rewriting to the entire series of nine books in the Sara Connolly Mystery Series. The action is more exciting and the descriptions of the characters are more vivId. I even updated three of the covers. The old ones felt old and tired.

If you have not read the Sara Series, I think you’re in for a treat. If you have read them I think that you’ll enjoy reading the newer versions. I even enjoyed reading them again and I’m the author.

Each book is a stand alone book so it is not necessary to read them in any order, although why not. I think you’ll love Sara as much as I do as you accompany her on her thrilling adventures.

I do want to make something clear about what is called her special gifts as described in her books. Everything she does along those lines are things that I am or many of my friends are doing on a daily basis. Those parts of the story are not fictional. I’m guessing that many of you, too, have these special gifts as well, but are afraid to admit it.

My advice to you all is to own who you are and what you can do. You’re in good company.

Another thing I love about Sara is her sense of humor. When I start getting too serious in my day to day life, I pick up one of these books and get a dose of Sara. She has a way of making me look at my world with a whole new perspective.

Go to my Amazon page, Books by Claudette Cleveland on and take a look at the newly updated series. Introduce some friends to my good friend Sara Connolly and her many friends. They’ll thank you for it.

All my books are available in ebook and 6 x 9 paperback print format.