The Pool Boy

Is He Only The Pool Boy


Who better to know what goes on in a neighborhood than The Pool Boy who is there every week. He’s totally aware of what’s going on while he mindlessly pushes a pool vacuum across the floor of the pool … and sees and listens and remembers.

He hears every word being said by the gathered bikini clad women lounging at the water’s edge while sipping mai tais. They laugh as they gossip about who in the neighborhood is having an affair with whom.

At other times he may hear the neighborhood men bragging about how effective the new female enhancement drugs are. They could be deciding what females to take on the so called weekend fishing trip at a remote mountain lake.

Whatever the poser (The Pool Boy) hears, it could be valuable information to his real boss, an area lawyer whose client’s husband is discussing her demise with the neighborhood guys, who are more than happy to help their buddy end an eleven year marriage without his paying big bucks.

cover-printAs you sit by your pool remember that the pool boy may be more than merely someone who silently vacuums the dirt off the bottom of the pool. You might want to wait to talk about that secret business deal until later. Or ladies, it may not be a wise move to tell your girlfriends about the affair you’re having with the yoga teacher while the pool boy is around.

The Pool Boy is a fun thriller that’s even better read in a swimsuit sitting at the edge of a pool whether it’s a backyard one or one at a resort. It’s even more exciting if the pool boy is nearby cleaning.

I am always excited to hear from you after you’ve read one of my book and grateful when you write a brief review on Amazon. Thank all of you who especially loved the last book called The Hotties. I’m happy it brought a smile or two as well as a ‘Really, I didn’t know that’.

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