Gangsters of Old & a Legendary Hero

The Hotties

Was it destiny that four young, attractive women worked at a bank that the FDIC entered one Friday afternoon and without warning arrested its officers and froze all it assets?

Finding themselves suddenly unemployed, the four took it as a sign that they needed to change and do something totally different from working at a bank. After a little internet research, they decided to start their own cleaning business with dancing mops and brooms for a logo and sexy attire for their uniforms, thus the Hotties Corporation was born.

Needing a property for their fast growing enterprise, the hotties, as they called themselves decided to buy a condemned house that was a good price. The old house contained many surprises including being a body dump for the Chicago mob. While getting ready for demolition some old documents were found that if released could change history as we know it.

My book, The Hotties is a fast moving thriller that just may shake your belief system coverabout the gangsters of old, as well as some legendary heroes. It was a fun book to write and the research I did for it left me with my mouth hanging open. I asked myself at the end. Were the history books that far off.

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