The Adonis Project

Another Team Project Thriller

Just in time for the Greek gods and the son of Aphrodite, Eros, (later called Cupid in Rome) to make his presence. Adonis, an ancient Greek considered to be the most beautiful man who walked the earth was Aphrodite’s favorite lover. He was killed, but his lover brought him back to life with her love and lust.

Wow. A word of advice to all you guys out there before you try something like this, Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus, the king of the Greek gods and all this is ancient Greek mythology, although a rebirth ritual is still practiced today.

However, myth or not, we still call extremely handsome men, who are great lovers, Adonis. And who says love and lust can’t bring an Adonis back to life.

coverAbout the newly published book, The Adonis Project: The course of study of a unique private school in a remote area is centered around the rituals and teachings of the ancientGreeks. The mythology about the gods and goddesses have become an important part of the prep school’s curriculum, which like the Greek gods emphasizes creativity and physical fitness.

Nothing is illegal until a corrupt faction of the administration takes advantage of the time-honored rituals.

The Adonis Project is another action filled mystery and thriller in the Team Project Series. Enjoy the suspense and often humorous happenings as the Team solves yet another crime and captures the felonious culprits.

Join the Team and discover how they pay it forward when they help young people in order to prevent them from becoming victims.

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