The Seventh Wave

Earlier this year, I took a vacation at a resort in Mexico with a friend. While she was walking the beach collecting rocks and shells, I stood at the water’s edge and counted the waves. Someone had once told me that the seventh wave was always the biggest and most ferocious. It sometimes could knock you off your feet.

My friend came up to me and asked what it was that I was doing? I told her that I was counting waves and had her do it with me. With each one after the one that cracked, the waves got bigger and stronger.

In many cultures, the seventh wave is symbolic. It often denotes the ending of something, so something new may begin. It could also mean the cleansing of the soul as the wave’s force and undertow has a tendency to knock down anything in its path and pull it out to sea where the saltwater of the sea can cleanse it.

coverRight before the seventh wave makes its presence, there is a hesitation and then a crack as the large wave breaks. When the we were counting came, we both jumped back. Then she calmly said, that sounds like the title of a book, The Seventh Wave.

The next morning while she was on an adventure in the jungle, I was on the balcony, drinking coffee and starting to write the The Seventh Wave on scrap paper since it was all I had. (I left everything I normally use to write with at home and was only there for fun and sun.)

The seventh wave is a metaphor for many areas of life.  You’ll enjoy the adventures of Cassandra as she travels from the coast of California to a Greek Island in the Aegean to a Mexican resort in Puerto Vallarta and then to an island in the Caribbean.

Next time you’re at the shore, Count the Waves. You, too, may feel the magic.

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