Watch for the Man with the Red Tool Box

Meet the colorful characters in my first book, The Handyman, in a new series, called the Team Project Series. Each book in the series takes you on a mystery and a thriller journey of action, mayhem, hilarious events and special tender passionate moments of warmhearted caring for their fellow humans.

A clandestine team of individuals come together to help people who are being bullied or abused. Most often the team’s focus is on women and children, which often the legal system can’t help until it’s too late.

coverI call these books the Team Project Series because the team choose one or two projects to take on in order to pay it forward for the help hand they had all received at one time.  

This has been an exciting and fun series to write. I’ve been able to take slices of real life of real people and create a fun thriller that is entertaining. I feel certain that like me, the characters will remind you of the favorite people in your life and hopefully bring happy memories to you. It’ll be the perfect uplifting read to take on that camping or beach vacation or simply curl up in a chair with.

“NEW” This series will be available in e-book and print format.

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