Today’s Adam & Eve Story

Why is a version of the Adam and Eve story found in every culture’s early legends? Sometimes it’s a snake. Sometimes it’s a monkey or some other animal, but the story is always basically the same.

Could we have been created in “God’s” likeness through biological engineering by some more advanced mysterious beings so that humans are now able to live to over a hundred years and do things that the original humans, cavemen, never even dreamed of doing? Could these higher evolved engineers have been from some other planet?

My new book The Adam and Eve Project has our team of crime fighters exploring many possibilities outside their own belief system. In writing this story I hoped to encourage the reader to stretch their minds to consider possibilities outside the norm. I believe it’s that ability to think and use our imagination that separates us from the animals that we share this planet with.

About twenty-five years ago, most of us had never heard or understood the ramifications that the discovery of human DNA could have on us. Now look. It’s more accurate than a human fingerprint. It can even tell us if it’s that of a human being, an animal or do I dare say an alien.

coverLet your imagination come out and play while you read the many layers of the book, The Adam and Eve Project. We think it will keep you turning pages from the action and at the same time entertaining you with tender loving moments, hilarious endeavors, and thought provoking theories about life.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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