Ghost of Loves Past

Moving On With Gusto

How many of you have had a loved one die but still feel their presence around you? Some of the characters in my new book Ghost of Loves Past are experiencing just that. Many of you will relate as most of my books are based on real people and real life experiences.

coverThe story is multi-layered as is life. I think you will enjoy the heart-warming tender moments, the aha revelations, the funny happenings, the intense action and of course the wonderful spiritual awakenings of the characters. Enjoy their journey as they experience all of life.

Feel the joy that Jeana Riley, the main character in the story, feels when she releases her late husband to the Light. Feel the release she senses in her heart as she is open to receive love from people that she had previously been unable to accept. Feel her passion for living as she morphs from being sad and grieving to a cheerful and loving woman ready live life to the fullest.

Maybe Jeana can help all of us to move forward with gusto.

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