Staying In The Groove

Staying In The Groove
A Parable for Spiritual Growth
By Claudette Cleveland with a team of Spiritual Helpers

Vinyl-Record-PosterYour soul is like a phonograph record. (For those who remember what one is. If you don’t, look it up) When all the grooves are clean and aligned, the needle moves through it and harmonious music is the result.

However if there is a scratch or debris on a groove at some place on the record the needle gets stuck. If too long that part of the record wears away thus that part of the song is lost.

If the needle is picked up and manually moved into the next groove, the rest of the song can be heard. But even then the record is still missing a part of its song.

The needle is like the universal energy moving through you. When there is a block your soul is not playing its whole song.

If the groove is mended or the groove cleansed of debris, your soul is free to play its entire song. If that debris remains never in your life will the whole song of your soul be heard.

Since your soul’s song is an important part of the universal orchestration, if even one soul is stuck, the universal song is not as harmonious. Too many stuck souls the beautiful song of the universal soul is painful to listen to.

Remember we are all one so when we remind someone to cleanse their grooves, we are helping the whole become more harmonious.

When cleansing, start with the physical by getting rid of anything that’s physical including people that you do not resonate to any more. Discard them. Then move onto thoughts that don’t make you smile when your think them. Discard them. Finally, spiritually beliefs that don’t make you glow from the inside out. Discard them.

“We affectionately applaud your efforts.” The Boys. Claudette’s Spiritual helpers.