Hope For Dirty Politics

What do I know about Dirty Politics? I grew up in the nation’s capital for it, Illinois. The Inaugural, however shows us that there just might be Hope for our broken system. This book was written months ago, long before we saw who would be running in the current campaign, so you can see why when a lot of what I wrote happened I was a bit amazed.

This book is not based on any one person or group of people. Frankly when I wrote this I never thought we’d have a woman running for president in my lifetime. I did predict that we Americans would rebel against the established political machines in Washington and soon. The rotting corruption can only go on so long until we have to seek out the stench and get rid of what’s causing it.

coverI teach awareness and never is it more important a tool than when you chose who you want to run YOUR country.

What fun it is to write fiction where I can make up how I want the world to be.

Enjoy all the crazy action and tender thought provoking moments in The Inaugural.

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