The Pulpit

Sneak Preview of The Pulpit

Below is a sneak preview of the soon to be released book, The Pulpit. When I started this book I had some strong preconceived ideas about evangelists. Where I grew up there were tent revivals and traveling preachers and most of them were eventually caught for fraud or with their pants down or something worse.

coverAs the story developed the main character, Brother Billy took on a different persona altogether. It’s a tender love story on the surface, but look deeper and you’ll find a lesson or two about who we are right now not who we came from is what’s truly important.

………… The Pulpit

PRAISE THE LORD,” they shouted back.
“Sally Mae, come up here and lead us all in a song to praise the Lord.”
The young gorgeous blond women from the choir proudly stood next to her idol. He put his arm around her and pulled her to him as the music started. They swayed as she sang into the microphone.

“Everyone put your arms around your neighbors and let God’s love come through you. Hold each other tight and show your love. PRAISE THE LORD.” he yelled.

Sally Mae continued to lead the song. Another member of the choir came up and stood on the other side of Brother Billy. He wrapped his other arm around Amy Jo. He nodded toward the choir and one by one each young woman made their way into the audience taking a place next to a man. They smiled at the man whose arm they were holding Most of them knew that he had a full view of her breasts as her scooped neck choir gown slide lower on one shoulder.

Brother Billy laughed to himself as the swaying continued. “Hallelujah. Feel God’s love.” He nodded at a group of big muscular men standing on either side of the tent. They each squeezed in next to a women and wrapped a strong arm around her making certain that their large hands were nestled around their waists. They all continued to sway as Sally Mae sang of love.

It was all quite moving as Brother Billy let the tears roll down his cheeks when he told his followers how humble he felt in the presence of God. “I feel filled to the brim with God’s love, but not everyone does. Some folks are empty and need our help. Look out on the street. Some poor souls have lost their way. We need to share our abundance so that they may feel what we feel right now. There are young girls who are in homes, pregnant from being raped and abused by men who claim to love them as fathers, cousins or reverends.”

“They need our help. Our ministry with your generous contributions is helping these lost ones. Their babies are being placed in loving homes and the women’s care is being tended to, so that they again may become healthy both physically and mentally … so that they are no longer emotionally empty. So that they are no longer spiritually empty.

Later at his ranch

“Billy,” Maureen began, “This is my smart and beautiful niece Caroline. Caroline this is Billy Carter.” She totally ignored Caroline’s boyfriend in the introduction.

Caroline glared at her aunt. This is my boyfriend Gregory Westchester. Gregory is getting his MBA at UT.

Billy shook his hand. “Billy Carter, nice to meet you and welcome to my home.”

“This is quite a spread. You inherit this from some rich relative. I don’t imagine you make much going around preaching in tents. Not enough to afford something like this.”

Billy smiled. Oh yeah this is going to be a fun weekend. “Actually Greg, everything I have I made myself. I got no handouts. Darcy’s of Boston right? That was your mother’s family name? If my American history serves me right and I believe it does, they made their big money in bootlegging during prohibition. Don’t you love the Internet?”

Watch for the release around May 25.