DNA Memories

Who are your ancestors? Long before Ancestry.com, my grandmother was researching her ancestry. What she found ranged from ‘they came over on the Mayflower’ to the role models for Steinbeck’s characters in Grapes of Wrath. She even found a few Cherokees mixed in there. Oh yeah, I can’t forget being the 8th cousin to President Grover Cleveland.

Many of my relatives weren’t necessarily pleased that Grandma was digging up some of this information from the past. What I thought was colorful others thought shameful. These past experiences is what gave me the inspiration for my new book, The Canary.

For me this book was really fun to write and hopefully for you as much fun to read. It has two primary characters who lived more than a hundred years apart. History repeats itself again and again as Zoe hears the tale of her great, great,great grandmother, Annabelle. Will Zoe’s fate have the same solution and outcome as her renowned ancestors did.? Is there really such a thing as DNA memory which transcends generations? Could be.

coverBoth women, modern day Zoe and 19th century Annabelle, believe that dreams are meant to come true so with some cunningness and hard work both women set out to make them happen, often against tremendous odds.

How many of you have ever had an experience where the wind blew in your face and you felt that you could fly? As a teenager I had a horse named Big Red. When times were troubling, actually when aren’t they for a teenager, I would get on Big Red and whisper to him, ‘Let’s make like the wind.’ He would take off across a field and I would feel one with that huge horse as well as the wind.

When you read The Canary, remember those special times in your life and relive them along with Zoe. They may be different experiences in detail, but the feelings will be the same.

By sharing those experiences, you will help others to remember. Let’s hear from you.

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