A Library Without Books

Ever wonder what happens to old libraries in small towns when they are no longer useful or not worth the cost to stay open? When the Internet literally puts them out of business and they are too much of a drain on the taxpayers’ budget? In a company owned town like Blessing where everyone’s livelihood depends on revenue from the one and only employer, the library building is used for something other than books, sometimes sinister things.

Such is the case
in my book titled The Library. The Zilly Pharmaceutical company owns the remote desert town of Blessing, every store, every restaurant, every house and all the recreational facilities, even the bottled water plant. It’s a paradise. Then how is it that a whole other sinister life lurks beneath the old historic Blessing library?

Where I used to live in Colorado, there was such a company owned town. The company who owned it had long since moved, but the tales of what it was like in the early days are still shared. The existence and stories of that town is what inspired the setting of my book, The Library.

We would love to hear about old historic buildings in your town or towns that were built and owned by companies at one time.

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