The Mask

‘To Be’

When I was going through one of my many transitions in life, this poem came to me. It helped me to gather the courage to face the change. I’d like to think that the three girls in the book The Club heard the same words.


The Mask

Who am I?

And what will I be?

Asks every child

By the time they are three.

We give them costumes

To play make believe.

If they wear them long enough,

They, then, will receive.

We give them a mask

To hide who they are.

Then say if you take it off,

You surely won’t go far.

The longer they wear it,

The longer they do mold.

Until without it, they are nothing,

They are told.

Some find the courage

To take the mask off,

But then often family and friends

Do thus scoff.

Alone in the world,

They start building new dreams.

With this new identity

Their negative ego shrills these screams.

‘How dare she change

After all these years.

I’m accustomed to operating

With feelings of fears.’

But on deaf ears

These screams do fall,

For the child’s self-confidence

Is no longer small.

Without the mask

The child starts to clearly see.

That it is only ‘she’

Who she wants ‘To Be’.

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