The Club

Many Clubs

Book of the Month for February is The Club.  The dictionary states that a club is a group of people with similar thinking coming together and taking part in social activities. Every Club can vary greatly. In February’s book several different clubs are talked about. One is the Elders Club at a church where prayer is not the main event. Another are the Men’s Poker Clubs where the end of the night’s grand prize in the pot is a girl. Yet another is a men only club called simply The Club where in a paradise setting men come together to laugh and have fun … no sex. Except perhaps in their minds.


Hopefully you’ll find The Club a thought provoking and fun read but like most of the books in this series, dig deeper and you’ll discover the message for a way to create a more meaningful and less inhibited life for yourself.

The most important Club is the one we have within us. The one that harbors the feelings for personal activities that make us tingle when we merely think about doing them, regardless of whether family, friends or even society approves. Activities that harm no one, but let us allow our true selves to come forth.

Have you ever not done something because of ‘what would the neighbors say’? Ask the people at a dinner party sometime how many have skinny dipped in a public pool or lake. You’ll know who did by those who have by the smile on their faces. You’ll know who didn’t by those who have been afraid to by their frowns.

Flower Children of the sixties rise again. Yeah, I guess I was one of those and still am at least in spirit, but history shows that every generation had its free spirits. They didn’t call it the Roaring Twenties for nothing. One of the deeper meanings that this book suggests is that it may be your time to let the free spirited Fun Club within you be born.

A more serious problem is one Club that every generation also had and still has is predatory perverts (also a club). These are people, who think they have a right to prey on and harm the innocents of society. It is not acceptable for a Club to rape, murder, stalk or harm a fellow human. When society or we personally deal with these predators should we seek revenge or justice or are they the same thing? I’ll let you decide that after you’ve read The Club.

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