Weep with Joy

We are faced with many challenges during our lives. I’ve always tried to look at them as positive building blocks that helps me to build strength of character. I discovered that the trials and tribulations that I had faced growing up were nothing compared to the hundreds of women whose stories that I listened to as a therapist.

sunsetOne night my sleep was filled with dreams and messages. I was being told to tell what these women had experienced. Their stories made me weep with sadness and their brave healing made me weep with admiration and joy. As children they had been physically and sexually abused by relatives, priests, clergymen, doctors, important men in the community … the list goes on. Even after decades my clients’ pain was still very close to the surface.

As my nightly messages guided me to do, I took their stories and made them the experiences of the characters in some of my fictional books. Their healing from such atrocities is nothing short of miraculous and is an integral part of them. My goal through telling their story is also to help all people to become aware that this abuse is not some thirteen year old’s imagination. Through awareness and understanding, we can stop this disease by punishing the pedophiles and abusers no matter who they are. Only by cutting out and destroying these cancer cells of society will we be able to evolve as enlightened humans.

Their stories also have a brighter side … their healing. As was the case with many of my clients, the characters in The Commune used those early challenges to develop into brave, strong, well adjusted women with a great sense of humor. Many are now making huge positive contributions to society.

Just as a side note. Where I had my therapy business, they indicted nineteen priests for pedophilia and rape.

The Commune is the first book to be published with this theme. There will be a new one published monthly.

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