The Commune

Is It Possible?

Have you ever dreamed of living in a place where love is the only dogma? Where abuse, rape and other horrific acts are non existent? Where everyone feels their worth coveris something special? Where creativity, imagination and free thinking are encouraged? Where being different is a good thing? Where the only person you need to please is yourself?

In this book, The Commune, a man created such a place as a refuge for victims of some of society’s most heinous crimes. The book is fictional but the characters are based on true stories.

Perpetrators who prey on young girls whether they are priests or clergymen … whether they are politicians, heads of companies or famous people … whether they are dad, grandpa, uncle or cousin, need to atone for their actions.

A commune on an island separated by a moat of sea is not the answer but it is a start. Could the ultimate commune be a commune of the entire tribe called the human race? We can hope.

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