Happy New Year

to believe that 2015 has come to an end and 2016 is beginning. It was a very creative year and I can thank you for being such supportive muses. You bought my books and even read them. You wrote flattering reviews. You called me with ideas for new characters and new storylines. Some of those however I was told might get me sued HaHa. We have laughed together, a lot and cried together.

jasmineI am truly excited about 2016. Starting in January I will be releasing books that are quite different than what I have written before. These stories are taken from the many women who were clients of mine when I practiced hypnotherapy. Their stories are tragic, but their healing and how they turned the abuse into a positive was inspiring.

Starting in January download the first of these books called The Commune. I need and appreciate you and your feedback so keep the emails, texts and letters coming.

May your 2016 be the greatest yet for all of you!

2 comments on “Happy New Year

  1. Nellie Williams says:

    Happy New Year, Claudette. I’m looking forward to your new release. Nellie

  2. florence flynn says:

    happy dance 2016

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