The Mystical Marvels Mysteries Collection

coverTravel with the 70s girls musical group, The Mystical Marvels, as they become involved in defying cases in Illinois, Arizona and Colorado. Download this special 3 book boxed edition, The Mystical Marvels Collection and receive a discount.

The talented, passionate, smart and funny Mystical Marvels are a musical group who made it big-time in the early seventies when they were only teenagers. Now they’re semi-retired, but are still very popular when they do an occasional charity event. They fill their spare time helping their niece Erin with her new PI business, although their unorthodox methods often result in chaos and stress for her.

This collection includes:

The Deadly Doctors: Doctors are dying and Erin has been hired to find out who and why this is happening in their hometown in northern Illinois. Her aunt’s, the Marvels, past connection with the mafia and FBI plays a deadly role in the investigation.

The Last Note: The frigid weather of the north sends the Marvels to a resort in sunny Arizona. While helping a young songwriter break into the music business, they are pulled into dealing with gangsters, thugs and even an international arms dealer. Even while their lives are threatened, their sense of humor stays in tack.

Life Altering Events: At a quiet lodge in the Colorado Rockies, while teaching a workshop to budding musical groups, the Marvels witness a shooting and are dragged into its investigation. Now widows, they are unexpectedly faced with dormant emotions when they are swept off their feet with romance. They are faced with a quandary of whether to jump in or stay on the sidelines.