FREE BOOK: Never Ending

Never Ending

Never Ending

Who hasn’t dreamt of being immortal at some time? Fictional stories featuring immortals as main characters are very popular. Is it possible these stories aren’t so far-fetched? The best fiction is often based on facts. Do we dare believe that immortality is possible?

Stone tablets, thought to be written by aliens thousands of years ago, were discovered in Mexico. Could it be that these writings contain the secret for never ending life? Sara Connolly, a private investigator, is pulled into one such mystery by a childhood friend who is being threatened with his life by a conglomerate of international criminals to decipher such a formula.

The story heats up when governments, capitalists and Nazi scientists battle for this life-changing information. Join Sara in Arizona and discover whether it is possible to have a life that is never ending.

Right now Never Ending is on promotion and can be downloaded from Amazon for free.

Even though the characters develop throughout the series, each book stands on its own and they can be enjoyed in any order.

The entire Sara Connolly Mystery Series is also available on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

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