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The Ranch

The Ranch

May I introduce Sara Connolly, a young woman who is complex, sensual, brave and gifted with paranormal abilities, all of which is glued together with a sharp, dry sense of humor. She is the primary character in the series of books, the Sara Connolly Mystery Series.

As with most books these may be read on many levels. Some of you are looking for a few hours of escape and pure entertainment. Others of you are wanting some meat in your reading time … you want to learn something. This series was written to offer both.

Through Sara’s adventures as a psychic consultant for the Chicago PD, the FBI and private investigators, many challenges for we humans is brought to the surface of our consciousness. Although these issues are important, the overall feeling you experience through these stories is an uplifting sense of hope.

When you really think about why we are here on this great planet, could we be making this experience far too difficult? As many great teachers through the ages have advised, “Lighten Up”. Hopefully, these books might stimulate you to do so.

Right now The Ranch is on promotion and can be downloaded from Amazon for free. Join Sara as she goes to a dude ranch in Wyoming and finds herself fulfilling a childhood dream of being a cowgirl.

Download it now to read at a later time.

Even though the characters develop throughout the series, each book stands on its own and they can be enjoyed in any order.

The entire Sara Connolly Mystery Series is also available on Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owners’ Lending Library.

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