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The Resort

The Resort

Even though I have traveled all over the world, a favorite place for me to go to for some pampering R&R has always been Puerto Vallarta. When some friends who were getting married and I traveled down there, it dawned on me that it was the perfect setting for a Sara Connolly mystery. With the sea serenading me, I began writing.

The descriptions of the food, the activities and the scenery are very close to factual. The close calls with death because of unsavory criminals and torturous drug cartel are all quite real in that area, however in all the years of visiting there, I’m happy to say that I’ve never encountered any.

The Resort is another fun and action filled book in the Sara Connolly Mystery Series. Head over to Amazon this weekend to get your complimentary copy of The Resort.

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Even though the characters develop throughout the series, each book stands on its own and they can be enjoyed in any order.

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