Newly Released: Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten

In the latest Sara Connolly Mystery book, Not Forgotten, I introduce a new main character. His name is Cameron Cade and he’s a private investigator. He has a crusty exterior with a soft center. He is recommended by Sara for a case involving finding a long lost sister of a high ranking politician’s daughter. During the investigation, he encounters some family secrets that have been buried for years.

I’m excited about this story because after working as a counselor and therapist for years, I know the atrocities that we hear about what people do to each other are real. So often, the accounts of these are pushed under the rug and not talked about; it is only when we face them that can we eliminate them.

I hope the fact that the women in this book, who do not think of themselves as victims and rise above the criminally abusive things done to them, will set a good example and help others find the courage to do the same. I am humbly honored to be a spokesperson through my story for all women with similar experiences.

On a lighter note I would love to hear what you think of the newest character, Cam Cade. I fell in love with his tenderness, sense of humor, quick minded cleverness and quirky actions. Maybe you will too.

Chapter One

Five-year-old Jamie was sobbing into her nanny Sophia’s skirt as they stood in the rain on the mansion’s front stairs overlooking the circle drive. “Amy,” she sobbed, “Come back.” She struggled to run to her sister, but Sophia held her tight. “Mommy, bring Amy back,” she screamed.

Her mother did not look back. She couldn’t look into her daughter’s or her best friend’s eyes. She gathered all the courage she could and entered the taxi, which was waiting to take them away at the entrance to the mansion. “Come Amy,” she said, “we’re going on a fun trip.”

Amy pushed her face near the car’s frosty rain spotted window and put her small hand against the pane in a child’s way of saying good-bye.

“Why is my sister going away?” Jamie sobbed. “I want my sister back. Tell mommy I will be extra good, Sophia, if she brings Amy back.”

“Amelia is going to a good place,” Sophia whispered. “Come, I will read you a story in your room.”

Head lowered and tears flowing, Jamie followed her nanny upstairs to her bedroom. After only a few pages, the child was asleep. The emotional trauma of seeing her sister taken away was overwhelming for the five year old. Sophia knew that from somewhere deep inside her, Jamie felt a fear that she would never see her sister again.

Not Forgotten is available now on Amazon.