Newly released: The Haunting

The Haunting book cover

The Haunting

The fifth book in the Sara Connolly Mystery has just been published on Amazon for Kindle! Here’s the synopsis:

When you die are you really done on Earth? Sara Connolly’s adopted daughter, Carrie has the gift of being able to talk to the dead. When women are found dead in the state insane asylum, Sara goes undercover and her daughter converses with the dead in the hopes of preventing another death.

Will Amanda Black find the Light when her job on Earth is finished and her living son is safe? Maybe.

Chapter One

“Screaming won’t help,” he whispered in her ear. “I’ll take away all your pain and you can be with your daughter forever.”

“No, please no. I have another child. He needs me,” she said pleading.

“Shush Amanda. He is doing just fine without you. Soon you won’t be depressed and have to suffer. Your daughter is waiting.”

“No, I’m getting better. They said so yesterday. Don’t do this. Somebody help meee…”

Amanda’s eyes went blank as a chalky film developed over her once clear blue irises. Her blood pooled all around her as it flowed from the deep cut on her wrist. A pocketknife lay loosely in her right hand opened to its sharp two-inch blade, now streaked with her crimson blood.

He carefully climbed through the open window out onto the fire escape landing of the old building. After quietly closing the window and sealing it from the outside with bits of putty, he disappeared into the darkness of the moonless night. He felt satisfied with his work. She no longer suffered and her husband could now get on with his life. He smiled to himself. Not to mention that his offshore bank account would be a lot fatter. With a spring in his step and staying in the shadows he walked to his car three blocks away.