Are You Gifted?

The Gifted by Claudette Cleveland

The Gifted by Claudette Cleveland

Of course you are as is everyone. Some of you have gifts that are stilled buried under society’s judgmental blankets creating what we call fear. In the book The Gifted, the main character, Sara Connolly brings out the concept that everyone is gifted and everyone is psychic and everyone is a healer. It’s just that some are not afraid to use these gifts.

It’s a proven fact that those who channel a higher vibrational energy use more than 10% of their brain so why wouldn’t everyone want to be smarter? Fear folks. Fear of the unknown.

All the things that Sara does in my books, I have done as has many of my friends and students. In my world we create ‘miracles’ and ‘magic’ everyday.

Share with us the miracles of your life to help others dispel of their fears.