The Magic Book

Magic BookDuring the civil war Abraham Lincoln declared that the fourth Thursday of November to be a national holiday on which to give thanks. However, in 1621 a group of 53 pilgrims and 90 American Indians gathered in order to give thanks, which was a normal religious ritual in their original homeland. They would gather for prayer, thanking God for a battle won or favorable weather for their crops. When in 1621 when they survived a year in a strange land and among strange people, they gathered in prayer to thank God for their survival.

Today it would be considered tacky to gather to thank God for war and killing people so we have changed the purpose of the holiday. Religion with its violent tendencies has been played down and the holiday in the U.S. has become more multi-cultural. People of all backgrounds gather to think about and gives thanks for all they consider good in their lives.

It’s been my practice since junior high school to write down in my little diary at least one thing that happened to me that day that made me feel happy. It could be something that I did for someone or something that was done for me. I found that even at that mixed up young age it helped me cope with traumatic events in my life that were not so pleasant. The more I focused on the happy occasions, the more the sad occasions faded.

After a while, each morning I woke up filled with excitement and anticipation for what would happen that day; for what would earn a place in what I liked to call my magic book. I am now considered a senior by society and I continue writing in my magic book.

TurkeyIt has been a custom of mine since I’ve had my own house to gather people and share my happy moments and to help them share theirs on this national holiday.

So if you come to my house on Thanksgiving Day, you will probably hear people sharing moments that might bring a tear of joy to your eye or a laugh from your belly. You will go away feeling full of the traditional Thanksgiving food but more importantly feeling full of gratitude for having enjoyed every single day of your life on this planet.

2 comments on “The Magic Book

  1. Frank c New Mexico Land of Enchantment says:

    Inspiring to know the secrets of some, that so many may share. Sometime the building blocks in life can be a plan, that turns out to be “just simple”.

  2. nelliewilliams says:

    I love your title “Magic Book” and that your gratitude is for something you did OR something someone else did that made you smile. I like to smile, too, and I smile when I think of you and how much you’ve taught me. Thanks given to you, Claudette. Nellie Williams

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