Encounter with the Tall White Beings: Part Four

new pool backyd 3 One of the skills of the human ambassadors for the Tall White Beings from the Hidden City is that they are adept at hearing people’s thoughts . . . often referred to as mind reading. I am told that it’s a skill humans have that has been suppressed. In my books, the Beneath and Beyond series, we find Althea and Tashi using it in all sorts of situations. Whether or not a person feels that this “mind reading” is an invasion of privacy is an ethical call by the individual. My experience is that people who fear it have something to hide and aren’t ethical to begin with. If you can, imagine how different the world would be if people were most careful about what thoughts they allowed as they are about what they actually verbalized.

In all three “Beneath and Beyond” books, The Hidden City, The Thunderbirds and El Diablo, I show the ambassadors using their telepathic skills to help people. Now I will relate to you as an example where I have personally used my ability to connect with someone mind to mind. I have already told you about what help it was for me when ordering at a foreign restaurant where the waiters spoke no English. The following story is closer to home and extremely personal.

Bill dig pool 2 It was early in the morning and my husband, Bill and I had just awakened. He sat on the edge of the bed and complained about a terrible headache he was experiencing. I immediately got him a couple of aspirin as the TV ad tells us to do. In my intuitive gut, pardon the slang; I knew he was having a stroke. I picked up the phone and called 911. I walked into another room and told the operator when she asked, what I thought was happening. I wanted her to know the urgency, but didn’t want Bill to hear the panic in my voice. The paramedics were there quickly and soon had Bill on his way to the hospital.

In the ER they stabilized him and it gave me hope that we might make it through this crisis as we had done other times. The next day they moved him to another hospital and I followed. He seemed to be recovering for he was yelling at the nurses that he wanted to go home . . . a sure sign in the past. Later that day he had a massive stroke while I was standing there. He was paralyzed, could not move or speak. His body was totally useless to this man whose mind was still in this earthly realm. They called in a neurologist to verify that he truly had suffered a massive stroke with no expectation of recovery. My hope deflated.

I had heard that people who have suffered strokes or who were in a coma could still hear and understand people who were talking around them so I talked to Bill as though nothing had happened even though his brain’s ability to tell his vocal cords how to form words was no longer functioning. I heard him talking to me through my mind. It was so clear that I had no doubt that we were connected.

As we talked, he said he was sorry to go because he was just now learning to have fun, but that it was too much of a struggle with a body that was so worn out. I told him that next time we would start earlier when we were younger. He squeezed my hand. Something the neurologist said he could not do or would never be able to do. Oh, the “miracles” of life. He lingered in this state of being with one foot in each world for four days. When I asked him why he didn’t leave? He said he was afraid of what was out there. This surprised me because he had told me repeatedly over the years that he was not afraid to die.

One morning the room was dark, lights were out and curtains pulled. I sat there quietly talking to Bill when a bright light filled the room. At the end of his bed I saw the image of Bill’s deceased son, Scott. He said to me, “I’ve come to help my dad.”

I told Bill excitedly. “Scotty is here to help you go to the Light.” That’s when another miracle happened. Bill sat up, physically. Something else he was not supposed to be able to do. “Let go of your body Bill,” I said quietly as I gently helped him lay back down. No sooner had his head hit the bed than a translucent white form lifted from his body and was met by his son.

By now the tears were rolling down my face. Had I really been allowed to witness such a beautiful event and had even been a part of it, I asked myself? The room went back to its darkness. It was over. Even though his physical body lingered on the earth plane, I knew he was gone. I almost envied him the energy he was engulfed in when he left. He had found peace, bliss, his nirvana or whatever you feel comfortable calling the most loving energy you’d ever experienced. It’s really indescribable in human terms.

pond with flowers

Since then I have concentrated some effort on helping others connect to their loved ones who could not speak out loud, but who speak clearly on another level. My ability to bridge this gap has helped bring comfort and understanding to both parties. What happens to us earthlings when we leave our bodies is probably one of the greatest mysteries. Through the teachings of the Tall White Beings over the years, I have learned that it’s just a matter of changing locations.

It’s the fear of change that makes events traumatic. Let go of it and enjoy the moment. A quote from one of my Tall White Being mentors.

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  1. Aiyoung Choi says:

    this is beautiful, claudette. will you be in PV any time this winter? gene and i will be there in february. sending love and peace… aiyoung

  2. Frank c. NM says:

    A moment in time that happens everyday, but only few are allowed the privilege viewing and writing about it in such a beautiful way, so others may know, of what is to be. Thank You Claudette
    Please share more.
    Frank c

  3. That was beautiful. You are very special to understand at that level,

  4. nclairej says:

    So happy to have met you at writing group. Tasting and savoring your stories
    See ya

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