Encounter with the Tall White Beings: Part Three

Claudette's Books

Claudette’s Books

The Tall White Beings have been with me for years now and I have told their story through my books. The fourth book is to be published soon. They have taught me so much that three books is a mere tip of the iceberg of the universal knowledge they have shared with me. Although I am a human with relatively slow learner human abilities, they have shown me that the more open I am, the more that is available to me. They have also proven to me that the more I share, the more the new knowledge and abilities will come to me.

Since meeting them, I have witnessed one ‘miracle’ after another. Many of these ‘miracles’ I have had my characters in my books perform. All of which are actual experiences I have either done or seen others do. None are fantasy, as the book publishers want to label the genre that this sort of writing should fall under.

The dictionary defines fantasy as mental image or dream. If this kind of living is a dream, I never want to awaken. To have the ability to help someone heal immediately; to travel in spirit from one part of the world to another in an instant; to feel at peace with oneself as well as everyone else; to love unconditionally and the list goes on.

These are but a few of the attributes that the tall white beings have patiently taught me through the years. Patience is one attribute they have yet been able to help me accomplish, but I’m working on it. They are laughing behind me as I write this last sentence.

After my return from my trip to Tibet I wrote the following story. It tells of one of the many ‘miracles’ I found I was capable of doing with the help of my highly evolved friends with their cobalt blue eyes and six-fingered hands.

Without fear it is an easy task. With fear it is impossible.

Back From Tibet

Notice the dead wolf above the door. This was where the woman in our group was mentally attacked by mind and nearly died. This kind of black magic is taught at these type monasteries in southern Tibet. Hitler actually had monks like these on his staff.

Notice the dead wolf above the door. This was where the woman in our group was mentally attacked by mind and nearly died. This kind of black magic is taught at these type monasteries in southern Tibet. Hitler actually had monks like these on his staff.

It’s October 14th, 1998. After spending nearly three weeks in Tibet and Nepal, I find myself back in the states. I feel as though I’m dreaming and not at all connected to my surroundings. When I told my friend Bill the story of the monk attempting to kill with his mind and the healing of Ann, a woman in our group, he cried. Every time I think of it or tell it, tears come to my eyes. Had I really witnessed a “divine miracle”?  If so, why do I get so emotional when the whole happening plays in my mind?

Right now it’s almost as though I want to shout from the roof tops…Look! Look what we are capable of doing if we would only let go of the control and let the divine forces work through us. If we will but merely give up the power and dominance of the ego, these events will not be miracles. They will then be an everyday part of life on earth.

I look around me when something like what happened in Nepal takes place. When I told the story, not many believed or understood what happened. Some of the doctors on the trip with me wanted to believe it was their week of allergy pills that caused her two-hour cure. Who knows, there is no proof, but deep down at my core I know differently. I felt the divine love energy come through me. I saw her change before my eyes as did Denise. Oh how humble I feel when this happens. How privileged I feel to be a part of the process and a channel for such powerful love energy.

Would not everyone cherish this experience, this exaltation, if they would open themselves up enough to let this energy flow through them?

Coming home to my house, I wander from room to room. I feel restless, estranged from these surroundings. They should feel familiar and comforting. It’s home. The urge to shut the door and walk away is very strong. My body may have come home, but my heart is elsewhere. I feel something very grand is about to happen to me. There is an urgency to write, to prepare for something.

“The world needs to know.” Denise told me after witnessing the healing in Nepal. She is a psychologist and was in the room when the “healing miracle” took place. “Tell the world through the writing.” Said Bill when I expressed my frustration in showing the world what we are capable of doing and feeling.

I aimlessly walk around saying to myself, “Just flow with it. All is happening in divine order.” I was not convinced.

Then I hear from a familiar mystical voice, the same voice I heard from below Lake Titicaca; the same voice I heard in my bedroom at Machu Picchu. “Don’t fight the inevitable. Be in the now, you know it works.”

As I wander listlessly through the house, I find it difficult to concentrate on the now. I’m constantly being given flashes to the future. Am I denying what I see because of fear or am I afraid to dream that life could be that much better; that much more loving? Or that I could at last find the peace that I’ve spent life times in search of.

Well, it is now the beginning of the year 2013. Three books have been written and published. The first novel takes place in Tibet. I have traveled all over the world introducing it to people of every race and religion. Those who believe that the events in the books are true enjoy the writing on a deeper level than those who only read it as a fun fictional story. It’s a totally appropriate reaction for both groups, for everyone climbs the spiritual growth ladder at his own pace. We all have our own divine clocks.