Encounter with the Tall White Beings: Part Two

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

It was June in Peru, South America but at 8000 feet after the sun went down it was cold. That night half of our group was staying at the Inn up on the mountain, called Machu Picchu by the ruins. We were staying in the town of Aquas Calientes located on the Urubamba River, which is located directly below Machu Picchu.

We were in a quaint rustic cabin built around a large boulder, which was sitting in the middle of the room. The back wall of the room was the granite side of the mountain that it nestled up to. It was isolated and really quite romantic.

In this remote part of Peru electricity is a premium so after 10 o’clock at night all of it is turned off. No heat. That is why everyone goes to bed at ten. Bill and I read some until the bed warmed and then fell fast asleep after a strenuous day of climbing ruins at a very high altitude.

It was 3 o’clock in the morning when I awoke with a start, feeling a presence in the room. Before I could reach for a flashlight on the nightstand, the whole room lit up with a blue white glow. There standing next to my side of the bed was a tall white being who was at least 8 feet. He was almost translucent like a cloud. He did have some form similar to a human clothed in a flowing white nightgown.

Strangely enough, I never felt threatened. Actually I felt peaceful and loved, much as had Tashi and Althea did in my books when encountering such apparitions. He spoke to me through my mind; feeling much like it did at Lake Titicaca. He instructed me to draw him. He evidently knew I was an artist. Laying on the nightstand as usual was my journal and sketchpad.

Tall White BeingI picked it up and started drawing. He had cobalt blue eyes, which glowed. At the side of his wispy body were two very long arms like appendages. At their end were fingers. As I was drawing the fingers I drew six of them. I commented out loud that I had accidentally drawn six and was about to correct it when he said that he did have six. Looking closer I saw he did so left my drawing alone.

Drawing finished I heard him say, “To ease your doubts go to the window. Our ship is above you.”

I replied, “It’s too cold. I’ll take your word for it.” I could have sworn I heard laughter. Then the light in the room left as mysteriously as it had come. Later I rethought my decision and pitied my parents who had to have put up with that kind of stubbornness as I was growing up.

Bill slept through the whole ordeal, which was mysterious in itself. To tell you the truth I started to have doubts about the event as I told it to Bill the next morning. He did not. We dressed and went up the mountain for breakfast.

I had decided not to tell anyone else about my visitor. We met my girlfriend and her friend in the dining room. We were barely seated when she blurted out. “Did you see the spaceship above your cabin?”

With my eyes opened wide I asked. “What time was that?”

“It was 3 o’clock. I remember looking at my watch. I got up to go to the bathroom.” She answered.

I then told the group about my visitor and showed them the picture. To this day I am not certain they believed me. They never said, but my girlfriend swears she saw the ship.

The waiter came to our table to take our order. He looked at me first so I ordered. He wrote it down. Then he went to Bill and he ordered. With his pencil held above his pad, he turned to me with a questioning face. I repeated Bill’s order. Same thing happened to the two other women at the table. Satisfied, the waiter left. It was my friend who said. “Why did he understand you and not us?”

That was when figured out that I had gone mind to mind with the waiter. He understood me and I understood him. He spoke only Spanish and I speak or understand not a word. It was this experience that prompted me to have going ‘mind to mind’ one of the abilities of the human ambassadors from the Hidden City. I have to say it is a valuable talent when traveling in foreign countries, which I have used to great advantage.

Did all this happen to me? I believe it did. Do I have scientific proof? Probably not. Am a better person for it having happened. You bet.