Encounter with the Tall White Beings: Part One

claudette at lake titicaca

Claudette at 14,000 feet with freezing temperatures

“Sure there’s a hidden city below this lake they call Lake Titicaca? How do they know? Has anyone ever dived down to see? And another thing, how exactly do they know where it is located? This lake spans two countries.” These were all questions that I put to my friend who was with me on the putt-putt boat we were on, heading to some mysterious coordinate on the lake.

Bill just grinned at me and said, “Astral travel down and see.”

Surprised by his calm reaction, I decided to do just that. I had gotten quite good at such travel over the years so doing so took very little preparation or effort. Before I knew it there I was in a city like no city I had ever seen, at least not in this lifetime. A being spoke to me and seemed not surprised to see me. I asked the being questions. “Why is this city here and where did its inhabitants come from? How will our boat people know when we are over this city? Finally, I wanted to know if I could visit this city in my human body?”

When he started to answer my questions, I asked Bill to write down the answers as I said them out loud. Their responses to my questions came through my mind clearer than if I had been on a Ma Bell phone line.

The answers were the following: The city was established when the earthlings started attacking the tall white beings after the demise of Lemuria.

We are from a universe far from your own. Our planet is technically advanced of course or we would not be here but we are also spiritually advanced. That is the reason our vibrations are a lot higher than earthlings. Also it is the reason we appear translucent to you. Even then we have to lower our vibration for humans to see us.

You will know you are physically over the city when you hear music and the water turns warm. I should explain here that Lake Titicaca is a glacier lake located at an altitude of 14,000 feet in the Andes in South America. The water does not turn warm.

boat at lake titicaca

Other boat on Lake Titicaca

For the next hour or so I sat back and enjoyed the ride taking in breathtaking views of snow capped mountains, water and landscapes. Occasionally I would put my hand over the side of the boat to test the water temperature. It was freezing. One time I leaned over a bit farther than I had been.

“Might I remind you that I do not swim and the legend of the mountain people is. ‘If someone falls into the lake, they are not to be retrieved because the lake gods want them.’” Bill stated emphatically as the top half of me was draped over the side. “I might also remind you that hypothermia takes only a few minutes to take effect.”

I turned to him and smiled. “The water is warm.” I tested it again just in case the power of suggestion had tricked me.

Then I heard a man on our sister boat yell out. “The water is warm.”

I asked Bill. “Do you hear the music?” He did not but neither did anyone else on our little boat. The man on the other boat who announced the warm water yelled, “Does anyone hear the music?” No one did but him, but that was enough to convince me I was not crazy.

Always full of questions much as Tashi is in my books, I asked the underwater people to speak to me again. With the physical evidence backing my belief in them I asked. Again Bill was my secretary. “As an advanced race, do you have any suggestions for we humans so that we may become a more peaceful and spiritual race?”

Their answer was short but very thought provoking.

“You humans are masters of fear. Give it up.”

And then he was gone much as Bashur does in the Beneath and Beyond books.

Is there a hidden city below Lake Titicaca where beings from another universe reside? The Andes Indians believe there is. Cousteau thought there was. And I think there is. I will be telling you the story of another encounter in the next episode. Stay tuned.