Darla sat in her robe on this holiday morn, nursing a cup of tea. One of her resolutions for the New Year was to give up coffee. She loved coffee but several of her co-workers at the radio station convinced her that it was bad for her. They recommended she drink green tea. She took a sip of the liquid and said out loud as though there was someone with her. “This stuff is awful. I miss my coffee. The smell. The taste. The kick of caffeine it gives me.”

New Years Resolutions! Who started that tradition? Probably some sick masochist. She chuckled to herself. After spending the holidays with relatives, the last thing she needed was deprivation. She picked up her cup, poured its contents down the drain and started perking a pot of coffee.

As the coffee smell filled the room, she thought. ‘Why should I have declarations or resolutions that punish me?’ Darla grabbed a piece of paper and pen and started listing the things she wanted to take place in her life, positive things. At the top of her list was, “I want to have more fun.” As she wrote the words, a cocoon of warm loving energy encircled her as though someone was hugging her. The love she suddenly felt brought moisture to her eyes.

Sipping her coffee with a lust that could come close to being considered orgasmic, Darla starting listing things that she would consider fun. She let her imagination flow. She put down things that some might consider crazy or immature, like wearing two different colored shoes one day and seeing how many people noticed. It made her smile when she imagined what her meticulous boss would say. Other things on the list were more serious like only allowing people around her in her leisure time who made her feel good.

“Well, that eliminates, Jack.” She told the coffee cup as she refilled it. Jack had been her boyfriend for three years. Her brow wrinkled as she contemplated about how to sever the relationship with the least amount of hurt.

As the list went on, she found herself feeling lighter and lighter. When she got dressed, she intentionally put on one pink sock and one green sock. Jack was coming over to watch the holiday ball game. ‘Showtime,’ she thought. She looked on the TV listings to see what chic-flick was on and tuned in the television to that channel. He hated chic-flicks and she hated college football games. Today was going to be the first day of her new life, full of fun.

The confrontation and the battle of the remote control resulted in Jack leaving in huff shouting to let him know when her PMS left. As she shut the door behind him, she smiled. This so called PMS or as she called it reinventing herself could be a permanent affliction if she made it so. She picked up the notebook containing her list of declarations. “What’s next?”  She said to her invisible listener.

From that day on, Darla did not wait until New Years to declare her resolutions for change in her life. She declared daily, monthly and yearly that “If it ain’t fun don’t do it or else make it fun.” You might see her walking down the street or sitting in a café booth sipping coffee muttering her mantra. You’ll know her because she’s the one with one pink sock and one green sock on.

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  1. Donna Sparks says:

    I love Darla:):):) I try to live my life that way, but it doesn’t always work…

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