Beneath and Beyond: The Hidden City Free Book Sample

The Hidden City

The fair-skinned, blue-eyed American tourist stopped dead in her tracks. She could not take another step, as though an invisible wall stood before her. She was confused. What could cause her to be suddenly nauseous and dizzy? It was hot, but not unbearably so. Besides, she loved the hot weather. She had traveled to this city of ruins with a friend from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, but her friend had gone off with her boyfriend to explore. She sat alone unable to move.

Want to read and learn more about Althea and her adventure?

The entire first chapter is available in our free download: Beneath and Beyond – The Hidden City Book Sample (PDF).

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  1. carole freeman says:

    Bought the book and enjoyed it. Just wondered how u were doing,has bill came to help any?

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