So Familiar

Often in our lives we meet people who seem familiar. We search our memory for a key to where we have met them before. Sometimes we even “accidentally” refer to them by a different name excusing the mistake with some comment like, “I’m not very good with remembering names”.

I have had many of these experiences with various people. While talking to a friend one day, I suddenly saw him in a different body in another time. The mental movie lasted for several minutes.

Prior to my mental movie starting, I had been irritated with something he had said. Until that lapse into what many call a past life regression where he and I had experienced a similar scenario to the present one, I did not fully understand why I felt so irritated with him. Once I saw I was repeating the same reaction as I had in that other life, I was able to change it. Doing so turned out to be for the betterment of all. By the way, that particular past life scenario ended tragically for everyone especially me.

I had read the Eastern philosophy of karmic return, but had never really understood the full impact of it on our daily lives until that and other very graphic personal experiences. I thank the universe for lifting my veil of amnesia. Without the revealing of that past life, my intense irritation with that man may have resulted in the termination of what today is a close and loving relationship. By forgiving what happened in the past (myself as well as him), I am able to proceed with my life without the heavy burdens of that past emotional trauma.

The following poetic message came after one of these past life experience:

Together Again

You are so familiar; I know I knew you before,
Your body is different, but I recognize your core.

Tell me, why are we together again once more?
Is it merely to love or to settle a score?

Do try to remember, it will help me to see,
Why I often feel you are so much a part of me.

I feel your pain and I feel your joy.
Were you back then, a girl or boy?

Your eyes are the same; I feel their glow,
And to my heart they strike a blow.

Why are the details so hard to remember?
If on the same team, we were often a member?

Your touch is familiar, I do remember it.
Wait! I think I’m remembering bit by bit.

Your were always there when I needed you most,
Of the sacrifices for me, you would never boast.

Thank you for being again by my side,
Thank you for showing me, eternal Love does abide.